Jelly from sour cream

To make jelly from sour cream is not necessary, it means that even a novice mistress will cope with this dish. And the result will certainly please the mistress of her family.

In the simplest version for making jellyYou will need only a glass of sour cream, about 3 tablespoons of sugar, vanilla or vanilla sugar, and, of course, gelatin. The first thing to do is to heat half a glass of water and pour out a teaspoon of gelatin. Now it is necessary to wait until the gelatin swells and heat the mixture without bringing it to a boil, stir until gelatin is dissolved.

Now you need to mix sour cream with sugar and vanillaand whisk the mixture until the sugar is completely dissolved. It remains only to pour dissolved sour gelatin into the sour mixture, stir again and remove everything in the refrigerator, so that the jelly is frozen. Approximately half an hour, maybe a little more, it can be obtained from the refrigerator. To extract jelly from a bowl, its bottom should be placed literally in a few seconds in hot water, now the dishes can be turned over. Jelly from sour cream should easily slip out of the dishes.

To slightly diversify the recipe, in the jellysour cream some add the pieces of fruit. To do this, do not have to significantly change anything, just in the container, which will congeal the jelly, before you pour in the mixture, small pieces of fruit are poured into it. Fruits can be absolutely any: apples, pears, bananas, lemons and oranges. The choice of a specific ingredient remains with the hostess.

You can make and even more variety in the jelly fromsour cream. The recipe for this dish may look like this: a glass of sour cream requires a dessert spoonful of gelatin, half a lemon, half a cup of sugar and some fruit. The simplest is a banana. First you need to dissolve the gelatin in water, then grate the lemon peel on the grater, and then squeeze the juice out of it. Now you need to peel and cut the banana, put it in a blender and fill it with sugar and pour in the dissolved gelatin. Beat this mixture until smooth. Then lemon juice is poured into it, sprinkled with zest and sour cream is added and once again everyone is hammered. Now the mixture is poured into a mold and put in the refrigerator to freeze. If desired, in this jelly, you can add pieces of fruit or berries to decorate. So jelly will be both tastier and more beautiful.

Another interesting variant of this dessert isjelly from sour cream and cocoa. For its preparation, you need half a liter of sour cream, a tablespoon of gelatin, about 2 tablespoons of cocoa, 1.5 cups of sugar, a teaspoon of ground coffee, vanilla and water to dissolve gelatin. First, as always, you need to put the gelatin to swell. During this time in half a glass of water you need to boil the ground coffee and let it brew, the main thing is not to forget then to drain it.

The present gelatin must also be filtered andsplit in two. In the first part add vanilla and clean for a while to the side, and the second is added to the brewed coffee, mixed with cocoa, pour about half of the jelly prepared sugar and vanilla. The entire mixture is put on a weak fire and stir constantly to dissolve the gelatin. It is important not to allow the mixture to boil.

While coffee with gelatin cools, it is necessary to mixsour cream with the remaining sugar and beat with the resulting mixture. Sweet sour cream should also be divided into two parts. The mixture was poured onto one half of coffee and gelatin, while the second remaining gelatin vanilla, pre-heating it to dissolve. It remains only to put both mixtures to a suitable size and shape of the dishes. Lay the mixture alternately, in layers. And then put in the refrigerator for half an hour.

Ready jelly spreads on a plate. Jelly from sour cream with cocoa looks like a real cake. It can be cut into pieces. And you can initially pour it on batch cups, with transparent walls, so that different layers can be seen.

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