Irina Bazhanova - famous Russian TV host

Irina Bazhanova is known for sure to every travel lover. And those who follow her on the routes laid. And to those who watch the releases of its author’s program on the TV channel called “My Planet”. A lot of fans adore the cheerful, cheerful and strikingly light Irina Bazhanova, with whom the girl regularly communicates in social networks and even during face-to-face meetings. Of course, in the process of such communication, aspects of the personal life of the host cannot be affected. She does not make any secrets from her. Although it stops more on its creative component.

Irina Bazhanova - photographer and correspondent

So, more. The biography of Irina Bazhanova is very interesting. In life, she goes with enviable hard work, hard and persistently. Perhaps the main role in this was played by great curiosity, without which a real traveler cannot be imagined. In any case, the girl received an excellent education in the prestigious Russian MSU at the Faculty of Journalism and at the National Cathedral School in Washington for the exchange.Her creative career began as a photographer and a correspondent. All fans of the program have long noted that Irina never part with a camera. Her pictures are published in a respectable National Geographic Traveler, and less prestigious in Forbes, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan.Irina Bazhanova

TV presenter

At this girl did not stop. The accumulated experience resulted in the author's program called “Auto-singularities with Irina Bazhanova”. The host on “My Planet” immediately won the hearts of many TV viewers. Over time, another program appeared. In “Planet without prejudices” Irina acted both as a leading and as a photographer and a journalist. Today, in addition to her program, the girl attends various seminars and master classes, where she shares her own experiences with the participants. In 2016, a journalism course on how to create films about travels and sell them on television also started.

Irina Bazhanova biography

Personal life

Traveling with a film crew for many years has been the lifestyle of a TV presenter. Of course, Irina Bazhanova met her beloved man among her colleagues. This is the operator Fedor Belikov. By the way, in her first interview, Ira spoke about the prospects of married life and motherhood very vaguely. However, to date, her views have changed dramatically.If before the birth of a child into the world she was terrified, then at the moment she enjoys the joy of motherhood, without ceasing to implement various creative projects.

Obstacle for travel baby did not. Naturally, the son is still too small, so his mother left her trips for a while. Nevertheless, many interesting thoughts are already ripening in her head. She does not deny that she may soon decide on a series of programs about traveling with the whole family.

Irina Bazhanova leading my planet

The plots are bright and interesting.

The life of Irina Bazhanova is full of surprises. She doesn't just travel. She sometimes takes part in the most incredible shows. One of the most interesting stories were programs about two holidays in Catalonia. In the Mediterranean city called Tarragona, at the Feast of Tarraca festival, Irina had a chance to play the role of a Roman soldier. She even seriously got a sword on her helmet. In the city of Lleida at the festival "Moors and Christians" Bazhanova had to dress in a Moorish, making a splash in the streets.

Two interesting programs about Lebanon also came out. In one of them, Irina is tasting arak - local vodka, smoking a hookah.In another of them, "cast out demons", shackling in a cave in shackles.

In a word, the journalist who is bright and loved by many TV viewers lives a beautiful and interesting life full of extraordinary events. After watching at least one of the releases of her program, you can be sure that you will want to continue watching this program over and over again.

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