Internet from Rostelecom: customer reviews

Customer reviews about the Rostelecom Internet are mostly negative in the open spaces, yet the company still has a lot of customers. Perhaps all is not so bad? Should I trust this organization? Reviews of Internet tariffs of Rostelecom claim that the price tag is quite high here. Practically in all large cities there are providers offering services cheaper. Is it worth overpaying, working with the oldest and largest operator of our country?

Rostelecom internet reviews

Choose wisely

When planning to connect the dwelling to the World Wide Web or change the operator, many are trying to choose the provider successfully. This helps to save money, get rid of unpleasant impressions due to low speed or frequent cliffs. The best way to figure out what to expect from the services is to investigate reviews. Fortunately, there are several credible resources on the Web where anyone can post their responses. There are really a lot of reviews about the Internet through Rostelecom, and most of them are negative, although there are references to some advantages.

Almost everyone working with this company notes that the quality of services is rather low. Often there are interruptions, especially the speed suffers in the evenings on Friday. As can be seen from the reviews about Rostelecom, “the Internet forever” and other tariffs, the connection process is often stretched over several days. But competitors offer connectivity in just a day - and almost always keep that promise. However, considering various options, it would not be superfluous to also get acquainted with the responses on the quality of work of alternative enterprises.

Long and reliable

As can be seen from the reviews on the Internet "Rostelecom" in St. Petersburg, the capital and other cities, many prefer this operator "by the old way". Previously, the choice of companies offering such services was extremely narrow, almost all firms provided low speed, expensive tariff plans and not very responsive technical support. In those conditions, indeed, Rostelecom was one of the best options - one could be sure that the company would not disappear, would not close, and the Internet, albeit with problems, would be delivered to every home.But the situation has changed, and the reviews about the Internet provider Rostelecom reflect this: people are waiting for high quality service at an adequate cost, but the operator cannot provide it.

ISP Rostelecom reviews

However, there are positive moments too. Many say that technical support from Rostelecom works really well - it’s easy to get through to them, and competent, adequate people are responding. Unfortunately, as can be seen from the reviews of the Rostelecom Internet in St. Petersburg and other cities, it is necessary to contact technical support much more often than we would like. The Internet can disappear without warning, often not notified about the technical work, because of which access to the network is temporarily closed. If this happens during working hours on weekdays, when a person is at work, the incident goes unnoticed, but for those who, due to their occupation, have to constantly use the Internet, this becomes a serious difficulty. This is also evident from the reviews about the Internet provider Rostelecom.

Both good and bad

As can be seen from the responses about the work of the company, some users are really lucky.They almost never lose the Internet, and if this happens, external factors are the cause. So, reviews about the Internet of "Rostelecom" in Moscow contain references to violations in the supply of the Internet associated with severe thunderstorms. With such disasters, wires often suffer, and infrastructure restoration takes time. Some say that repairs are delayed for a week, or even longer. However, Rostelecom automatically returns money in such a situation, which is an important advantage.

But there are far less lucky users. As can be seen from the reviews about the Rostelecom home Internet, some of the network failures occur regularly, literally every few hours. Of course, you can contact technical support, where they respond quickly and politely, but the actual analysis of the problem does not always begin immediately. There are references to cases where users have been waiting for a reaction to the problem for a week or more. However, the same reviews about the Rostelecom home Internet contain references to similar problems with other service providers.

Is it worth the money?

Almost all users of the services agree that “Rostelecom” asks for too much money for its service. If we compare the company's tariffs with competitors, then the difference per month reaches 300 or even 500 rubles. No one wants to overpay this amount, especially since this money does not guarantee impeccable service. Recently, Rostelecom's mobile Internet has been actively promoted. Reviews about him indicate that there are still problems that were characteristic of wired.

Rostelecom Internet reviews St. Petersburg

The main advantage of the provider is the proximity of the offices where you can arrange the connection, numerous technical support services, so that the customer can get through without any problems. True, people prefer to pay for the Internet, rather than support, registering problems. Anyone who expects high-quality service is likely to be disappointed. This is evidenced by reviews of the Internet "Rostelecom" in the Moscow region. Both in small towns and in the very near Moscow region, the quality of services leaves much to be desired, especially considering the above average market price of the service. On the other hand, Rostelecom simply does not have competitors in some small settlements, so there is no choice.

The situation is improving

As can be seen from the reviews about the Internet of "Rostelecom", in some cities recently there has been an increase in the quality of services. The provider explains this by a large-scale upgrade of the equipment used. Those users who came to the area of ​​renovation report that the interruptions in communication were gone, the quality was good, and the speed was stable. Of course, the service is still more expensive than most competitors, but here it is at least worth the money.

Choosing the best option, you need to analyze what the responses are about the work of other organizations. Some reviews about the Internet of Rostelecom contain references to the fact that in populated areas, all alternative organizations offer either the same quality or even worse services. Even with a small monthly savings, it’s not worth working with such companies, so the classic Rostelecom will be the best option. But if there is a company in the city that offers good service, then it is worth comparing its price terms with the organization in question - it is likely that it will be cheaper. At the same time, Rostelecom is to choose only when it is possible to check the latest news that the area of ​​residence fell under the equipment upgrade program recently.Otherwise, the user’s feedback on Rostelecom’s Internet will certainly be negative.

Benefits and features

Traditionally, the highest quality requirements for access to the World Wide Web for those who work at home. These are personnel at remote workplaces, freelancers who are forced to search for customers for their services through the network. For people from this sphere of employment it is very important that access is always stable at a decent speed. Paying for the service, the last thing they are willing to put up with is the sudden disappearance of the Internet without explanation, without strictly stipulated deadlines. As can be seen from the reviews about the Internet of "Rostelecom", the advantage of the company is that it immediately stipulates the duration of work to restore communication. However, a closely related disadvantage is the very fact of such cliffs.

As can be seen from the responses, residents of small settlements, where fairly old equipment is installed, often face problems and renovations have not been carried out. But in the metropolitan region, in St. Petersburg and other major cities of the country, this problem usually does not arise.The exception is external causes of a spontaneous nature. At the same time, many celebrate speed jumps. Most often, the decrease occurs in the evening, especially on Fridays. Possible shutdown for a few minutes.

Features and Services

Reviews on the Internet and television of Rostelecom contain references to the fact that many are satisfied with the integrated service. You can simultaneously connect and access the World Wide Web, and to multiple channels. All this will work with a fairly tolerable quality. Of course, in major cities, competitors have similar packages that are cheap, but in small towns, the population, as a rule, simply does not have a choice.

Rostelecom Internet reviews Moscow region

With a stable operation of the optics, as noted by the reviews on the Internet and television of Rostelecom, the repair is sometimes stretched over a rather long period of time. Indeed, experts immediately designate a time frame for which the work will be carried out, and yet no one wants to wait, even if agreed upon at once, but still a whole week. And when all external multimedia sources, both television and the network, depend on one provider, this creates a particularly strong discomfort in life.A person literally feels torn out of society, having no idea about what is happening around.

Company Overview

Currently, telecommunications Rostelecom is leading not only in our country, but is also considered one of the largest European companies. This is an organization of national scale, offering its service in different market segments. According to official statistics, tens of millions of homes are already connected to the services in the country today. According to the public relations department, Rostelecom provides four and a half million users with access to unique federal interactive television.

Internet through Rostelecom reviews

In the current year, in the first quarter alone, the company's revenue exceeded seventy billion, and its net profit, almost three and a half billion. It is believed that Rostelecom is the leader in our country in the field of telecommunications. His proposals apply to both corporate users and government agencies. The company presents itself as a leader in the field of cloud technologies and innovations. The company closely interacts with the health care, utilities, housing, educational institutions and organizations working in security.Currently, international rating companies estimate the position of Rostelecom as “BB +”, “BB-”.

Provider: you need to choose responsibly

Unfortunately, there is no perfect recipe for choosing the best provider. One has high prices, the other has lower quality than we would like. There are general recommendations that allow you to navigate the abundance of proposals on the modern market. Based on this information, you can choose your unique approach, understand what is most important on the Internet, and conclude an agreement that will not disappoint.

First of all, when analyzing opportunities, you need to assess the speed offered by different organizations. Not always the user needs the most powerful option possible, it depends on the purposes for which the Internet is used. So, for the study of the World Wide Web, the study of pages does not require any super-abilities, enough economical tariff with restrictions. But for those who are constantly downloading large amounts of information, high-speed connection options are more suitable, otherwise you will have to wait too long.

Attention to detail

When concluding a contract, it is important not only to look at the advertisement of the fare you like, but also carefully read the contract. So, many companies resort to such a trick - they attract a potential client with a promise of speed, say, 20 Mbit / s, and even without a limit, but the contract stipulates that this is the maximum speed from the supplier, which can be limited by other factors.

home internet rostelecom reviews

What factors can affect? The simplest: equipment. If the communication channel can miss a maximum of 10 Mbps, then the user will have no more speed than that, but will have to pay for twice as much. Of course, it is unprofitable, and when using it will quickly disappoint. The difference between the promised and the real is often not just doubled, but five to seven. In the metropolitan area, such problems usually do not arise, but in small towns, where providers use old equipment, they easily. Moreover, there is usually practically no competition in such places, the user does not have to choose, and firms are not interested in upgrading, requiring serious financial investments.

Tariff: one of the most important aspects

The pricing policy of different organizations differs significantly. The provider Rostelecom, considered in the article, asks for quite a lot of money for its service, but in most locations there are companies whose services are even more expensive. On a par with this there are more economical options. Choosing the cheapest offer is not the most reasonable approach, since the quality may be low, but it also does not make sense to overpay for anything.

On average, in most Russian cities the cost of a month is no more than 400 rubles, and often even less - 250 rubles or so. The feed rate will be sufficient for most everyday tasks of an ordinary person. The best conditions are provided to those in whose homes at the same time several providers operate. Strong competition between them compels to fight for each person. Many even offer additional discounts if the customer moves from an opponent to them. A clever and perspicacious person may well win on such a strategy. But if the house is served by only one company, then the prices here often change towards higher ones, and in the best case they simply remain at one level for a long time.

Will it work?

By connecting to the Internet, paying for the service, the client automatically expects that the entire declared service will be provided in full, without errors, breaks and outages. But the situation is not always the case. In order not to expect too much from the company, you should immediately have a clear idea of ​​how responsibly it is related to the execution stated in the contract, you need to familiarize yourself with the responses to the organization’s activities before connecting. In particular, the above-mentioned typical problems were mentioned by Rostelecom clients in their reviews. But any provider has such difficulties, although their specifics vary. To understand what difficulties can be expected, you need to read on the forums on the Internet, what people say.

Rostelecom reviews on the Internet and television

Another good option is to talk personally with those who use the service. The easiest way for those who live in an apartment building. Surely there are familiar neighbors already working with the provider of interest. You just need to ask them about the impressions. If there is a “sin” behind the organization, any client will immediately tell you about them. By the way, people talk about negative moments much more actively than praise.Particular attention should be paid to controversial situations: how long does the user have to wait for a response from the company? In some organizations, they pull this, while others solve any trouble in minutes or hours. The experience of those who are already working with the option of interest will help determine whether the firm’s service is worth the money.

What are we connecting to?

Before you enter into a contract, you need to analyze what types of connections which provider recommends and advertises. To this day, some are promoting the ADSL service, that is, low-speed and costly access via a telephone line. You will not get bad impressions from this option, and many simply don’t have a phone. You should not expect from such a relationship of stability. The advantage is better to give the fiber-optic connection. Most reliable organizations use this technology, which has proven itself and allows providing the speed of access to the World Wide Web sufficient for most users.

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