Where is Ryazan? Interesting facts about the city

Ryazan ... The name of this city is feltsomething provincial and very, very native. This is the largest city in Russia, which nevertheless manages to maintain its "patina of antiquity." Where is Ryazan? And what's interesting about it you can tell?

Ryazan: a portrait of the city

City with half a million population of Ryazanhas more than one century. It was founded in the far 1095 year. Today it is the most important industrial, scientific, military and cultural center of the country, one of the thirty largest cities in Russia.

where is Ryazan

Curiously, until the middle of the twentieth century in Ryazan wasOnly the food and woodworking industry is developed. But after the Great Patriotic War the city became a giant of the machine-building industry, as well as petrochemistry. In addition, modern Ryazan is an important center of the defense industry in the country. There are a number of design offices, training centers and military test ranges.

Above all else, culture is developing in Ryazan. The city has numerous museums, theaters, galleries and exhibition centers. Every year a number of festivals take place here.

Where is Ryazan?

Ryazan is located 180 kilometers from Moscow. Like the entire Ryazan region, the city is in the time zone of Moscow time. The climate of the territory is moderately continental and quite mild. For a year, up to 600 mm of precipitation falls here.

Where is Ryazan from the geographical point of viewview? The city is located in the heart of the Russian Plain, at an altitude of 120 meters above sea level. Ancient Ryazan is located on the right bank of the Oka, where another river flows into it, - Pipe.

Getting to Ryazan will not be a problem. The city has two airports, two railway stations, two river ports and several bus stations. Geographical coordinates of Ryazan are as follows:


54º 37 "00" North Latitude


39º 43 "00" eastern longitude

Ryazan: interesting facts and places

So, now you know where Ryazan is. What is interesting here you can see? To tourists who came to this city, first of all it is worth to visit the following sites and attractions:

  • city ​​embankment;
  • Cathedral Square;
  • Postal street (local Arbat);
  • The Ryazan Kremlin;
  • the temple of John of Kronstadt;
  • park sculpture (Lybidsky Boulevard);
  • museum of gingerbread;
  • Museum of the History of the Airborne Forces;
  • a monument to Shurik and Lidochka near the RSU them. Yesenin.

geographical coordinates of Ryazan

To walk around the city was even more interesting, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the five most interesting facts about him:

  • In Ryazan, Sergei Yesenin and Konstantin Tsiolkovsky were born, and at the local school Alexander Solzhenitsyn taught;
  • Ryazan - one of the record holders in the country by the number of foreign sister cities;
  • it was here that the first store of the world-famous Max Factor company was opened;
  • the monument to Evpatiy Kolovrat in the center of the city is the creation of the famous Zurab Tsereteli;
  • Ryazan is one of the few cities in Russia, within the boundaries of which agriculture is actively developing (this is facilitated by an extremely favorable climate and soil cover).

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