Installing the chandelier yourself

Have you decided to connect the chandelier? Well, just first determine if you are versed in electricity. The installation of a chandelier is not a very simple matter. If you have no idea where the traffic jams are, use the help of experts. The fact is that electricity is very dangerous, wrong and inept handling can cost you even life. Believe me, no chandelier is worthy of it.

Imagine that you still understand in electricity and decided that the installation of the chandelier will happen on its own. Let's try to figure out how to connect the chandelier.

First, consider a simple installation option (this is when there are two wires from the chandelier and two wires from the ceiling).

chandeliers in the children's room

In this situation, most people, but alsosome unscrupulous experts, connect the chandelier as necessary. In whatever sequence you connect the wires, it will shine, of course, if only the light bulbs are screwed in and in good order. With regard to the ideal solution of the problem, one of the wires (phase) must be opened with a switch (in this case, both wires are phase). The chandelier is finished. Chandeliers in the children's room are installed in exactly the same way.

Now we will consider a variant more difficult (from a ceiling two wires leave, and from a chandelier a minimum three, and even it is more).

chandelier installation

Please note that that chandelier, fromwhich comes out several wires (three or five), will not save you light, because it will not be possible to turn on the light bulbs in different combinations. Lamps will always turn on all. The only thing you can do is buy a drimmer. Drimmer is a special device that will help to regulate the intensity of lighting at will, you just have to twist it. The positive side of this option is that almost all new chandeliers are already sold with connected wires according to the scheme described above. Dreamer will be your indispensable assistant.

Let's consider one more variant - advanced. The most difficult situation arises in the case when not only the chandelier comes out three wires, but also from the ceiling, too. First you have to find a wire that is zero. The other two wires will be phase. To do this, it is best to take the so-called indicator screwdriver. Using a screwdriver, touch each wire. The one that reacts differently than the rest, and it will be zero. The remaining two, respectively, are phase ones.

how to connect a chandelier

If you do not have an indicator screwdriver, then just connect all the wires to the chandelier in pairs. Wire, without which the chandelier will not burn - zero.

It happens that the wires, especially if they are new,marked with special notation. These designations will help you to sort out the wires without any experiments and without a screwdriver. It may even be that the wires are of different colors, then it will be much easier.

Let's return to the connection and wiring. The neutral wire must be combined with any of the phase wires. Wires must be twisted, tightened with pliers and put on the terminal. There are two wires sticking out of the ceiling, and a few - from the chandelier. Remember which of the wires coming from the ceiling is zero. To it it is necessary to connect on one wire from those pairs which go on illumination for each plafond of a chandelier. The remaining wires must be connected to the phase wires.

The chandelier installation is complete.

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