Indesit (washing machine): do it yourself repair. Possible faults and their elimination

Almost all models of Indesit washing machines have a diagnostic system, which is built into the electronic control as a module. In the event of breakdowns or malfunctions on the LCD screen, the user will see the electronic code. However, it is enough to open the instructions and determine the causes of the fault. Among other things, the instructions set out recommendations for eliminating failures, but it is not always advisable to carry out repairs with your own hands.

The Indesit washing machine, the repair manual for which will be presented below, should not be opened by itself if the warranty period has not expired or the malfunction is accompanied by smoke. Appliances warranty should be serviced free of charge in the service center.It will be enough for the consumer to contact the repair shop where specialists can help solve the problem.

The Indesit washing machine, whose repair instructions do not always help solve the problem, can cause additional expenses if the owner has fixed the damage successfully, but next time decided to use professional help. Repairs will be made for full payment. You will have to pay for replacement parts if necessary. If the breakdown is accompanied by smoke, then the fault is likely to be serious. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze all the systems, which is possible with the availability of test equipment.

Common damage and how to fix them

Indesit washing machine repair do it yourself

"Indesit" - a washing machine, the repair of which you can easily carry out after the warranty period. If the equipment does not turn on, you should check that the plug is plugged in. Sometimes it just doesn’t fit snugly enough. In some cases, the device may turn off during power surges.

When the water supply is not carried out, it is recommended to press the power button and stop,then check the tightness of the door. Sometimes for the water supply is responsible for the pressure in the pipeline system. Perhaps the valve just turned off or damaged hose. When the machine does not start the wash cycle, it is necessary to repeat the steps that were described in the previous paragraph.

If the machine is used by all family members, then one of them could have put the program for the delayed wash. It is important to check before launching whether this mode is running. "Indesit" - a washing machine, the repair of which is often done by home craftsmen. If the water is drained and filled with water, this may indicate improper installation of the hose. It should be located 70 cm above the floor, it is important to check that its output is not under water.

If during the washing you notice that the car makes an unusual sound, then you should check if there is a foreign object in the drum. Housewives often complain about the excessive volume of foam, which can result in improper washing powder.

When the spin function does not work, and after the rinse mode is completed, the water does not go away, the cause may be clogged or kinking of the drain hose. Sometimes it happens that the wrong mode is set.Such a "malfunction" may indicate the program "Without spin" or "Easy ironing." If this is the problem, you should use the power button and pause.

Additional possible malfunctions

washing machine indizit instruction

"Indesit" - a washing machine, the repair of which is better not to carry out with your own hands, if you are not sure of the reason for the breakdown. However, for a malfunction, you can sometimes take just the wrong linens. This can lead to a strong vibration of the equipment, the device in this case will independently try to balance the fabric.

There is another reason, which is expressed in changing the location of the equipment, resulting in a skew, or the device simply touches nearby appliances and furniture. For no reason can be different indicators. In this case, the device should be turned off and unplugged. After a while, work should get better.

Identify the causes of more complex breakdowns

washing machine errors indezit

“Indesit” is a washing machine, the repair of which is sometimes better not to do with your own hands. If the problems are not related to those described above, then it is better to use professional help.More complex problems should be called:

  • unstable equipment operation;
  • display errors that begin with the letter F;
  • appearance on the panel of randomly burning detectors;
  • traces of leakage;
  • the smell of burning;
  • smoke.

If the device does not respond to commands, the indicators do not turn on, or the indicator flashes on it, then the reason may be that the power cord, the start button, or the door lock system are damaged. Breakdown may be more serious, it sometimes lies in the control system or relay. If the long wash has been violated, then you must manually intervene in the mode. Sometimes malfunctions of electronics, short circuit of heating element, temperature sensor or the need to replace heating elements lead to such problems.

Indesit washing machine errors can be expressed in rumble, creak or noise. This may indicate damage to the stuffing box, drum bearings, loose counterweight mounting, or the poor condition of the shock absorbers. The drum may stop spinning, in which case it may be necessary to replace the belt, repair the engine, or debug the programmer.

Identifying additional challenges

Indesit washing machine faults

If draining or pouring water does not go as it should, the sewage system or water filter can be blocked. Can fail:

  • pump;
  • valves;
  • electronics.

A malfunction may be triggered by closing the contacts.

Preparation of tools for the repair of the machine "Indesit"

repair washing machine indezit wisl

Repairing the Indesit washing machine WISL implies the need to prepare some tools, among them:

  • flat and Phillips screwdrivers;
  • pliers;
  • clippers;
  • flat wrench;
  • pliers for hose clamps;
  • service hook.

Repair instructions for some faults

Indesit washing machine drum

If you are not going to turn on the machine, you should check the door if it is locked. But such a problem can lead to a serious breakdown, it can be associated with electrical wiring. To do this, the machine is de-energized, the back cover is removed from it, then you can check the terminals.

If they are oxidized, they need to be cleaned. Sometimes the wires break, but the cause may also be a timer. In order to check whether this is so, you should select different programs. If one of them allows the machine to earn, the timer requires replacement.

No water flows

Indesit washing machine filter

Malfunctions of the Indesit washing machine can be caused by the fact that the water regulator has failed. This can cause water to not enter the tank. When the required volume of water is accumulated, gas will be compressed in the compartment with a pressure regulator. The switch will work, the water will stop flowing and it will start heating.

To solve this problem, you need to check how the tube is hooked on the switch. Sometimes its end hardens, in which case it should be cut off and put on again. In order to check the switch, you should blow into the tube, if you hear a click, it will indicate that the switch is working. There is a hose between the tank and the pressure chamber, you need to check the clamp on it. If necessary, experts advise to weaken it a little. The camera at the final stage is checked for damage, it should also be flushed.

Code Fault Detection

If you are familiar with errors washing machine "Indesit", then you can understand the faults. Noticing the code F01 on the display, you should know that the control element was closed by the engine on the electronic unit.F02 indicates that the tachogenerator of the motor does not signal the operation of the engine. This may indicate that the unit is blocked or the bearing unit has failed, eliminating the possibility of motor operation.

Sometimes this code can be seen due to overload of linen. Faults in the Indesit washing machine can be expressed in codes F03 and F04. The first of them indicates that the temperature sensor does not give a signal, in this case the heating element can fail. The second code indicates that the water sensor indicates an incorrect level.

Drum and filter malfunctions

The drum acts as one of the important parts of the Indesit washing machine. Its rotation provides washing. The design of the drums must be reliable, but even these nodes sometimes fail, distorting or becoming covered with cracks. The process of replacing the drum belongs to the category of overhaul, because it involves a thorough disassembly of equipment.

Repair drum is to replace it with a new one. At the first stage, the external panels of the machine should be removed, which are located on the sides and on top. Then the engine, tank suspension springs, shock absorbers and nozzles are disconnected.After the drum of the Indesit washing machine is removed, a new one is installed in its place, after the equipment is assembled in reverse order.

Filter cleaning

Under the plastic cover of the machine is a filter. For its dismantling it is necessary to remove the bottom narrow plastic panel. It is held on the latches that you need to press a screwdriver or hand. The filter is a cork that twists into the car. Unscrew the filter is quite simple, for this you need to grab a recess on the cork and turn counterclockwise. You may encounter a problem when the filter is attached with additional bolts. In this case, first unscrew them with a screwdriver.

When the filter of the “Indesit” washing machine is unscrewed, one should be prepared for the water to flow out through the opening. Therefore, before starting work, prepare a low capacity. Sometimes craftsmen tilt the washing machine back. As soon as it was possible to unscrew the filter, and all the water flowed out, you can clean out the garbage from the hole. Better for the review to use a lantern. After that, the filter itself is cleaned, for this it should be washed and remove all dirt. The knot is installed back, the lid is closed, and the bottom panel is replaced.The filter should be well screwed, it should not hang out. If you do everything right, then there should be no leakage.

Engine repair

The engine of the washing machine "Indesit" may require replacement brushes. Sometimes their mount is in the depths of the engine. For this reason, the motor has to completely disassemble. New samples are amenable to this procedure much easier, you can do with a screwdriver, finding fasteners located near the collector. As soon as the brushes have been replaced, the engine should be rotated, the brushes should be in contact with the lamellae as gently as possible, and there should be no noise.


The automatic washing machine "Indezit" sometimes stops heating the water. Such a malfunction may indicate a broken water level regulator. An alternative option may be scaling on heating elements, because the water in the water supply system is quite hard, so the element is covered with bloom over time, which must be periodically cleaned.

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