In 2011, military pensions will rise.

From 1 January 2011, the law willa significant increase in various monetary allowances and benefits for the military. Soon, military pensions will also be significantly increased cash benefit, and most likely the real amount of pensions will increase by about 1.5 times. It was with these words that Prime Minister Putin addressed the meeting with the numerous chairmen of the Kaliningrad Council, which was a meeting of veterans of war and labor, organized by Boris Kosenkov. This meeting was held in the regional public reception of the leading party "United Russia", and the main topic was the problem related to the minimum pension for retired military personnel.

In addition, this meeting consideredas military pensions, and increase of contentment for other citizens. Chairman Kosenkov complained that at present military pensions are often even lower than the pensions of people working in enterprises. "Now more than 85% of former servicemen often receive a pension of only 7-8 thousand rubles," the organizer of the meeting said. Also, if you look at the legislative draft on military servicemen's pensions, you can see that the pension of the military junior command staff averages 4-5 thousand rubles, although the average labor pension in 2011 in the country is over 8 thousand rubles. Thus, for future military there is no prospect of entering military professions.

In response to this statement of the veteran prime ministersaid that he is right, and now the situation with military pensions does not correspond to the principles that were formed in former times. But the prime minister noted that the increase in military pensions will be held in the near future, and this issue will be constantly regulated by him.

If we look at the situation in Russia, the militarypensions in 2011, or rather for the first time 3 months of the year, have not changed much, and just under 40% of military pensioners now receive a pension that is much lower than the labor pension. But in fact, until now the final decision on the issue on the level of increases in military pensions is not accepted. But the Ministry of Defense, as well as the Ministry of Finance, as well as other agencies concerned in this matter, are regularly counting, which should reveal the increase in the pension of military personnel. But, as the Prime Minister promises, there will not be an increase of less than 1.5 times. In the future, the ministry plans that military pensions will be regularly raised and gradually go to the level of full monetary allowance in this period of time by the military.

Also, the government plans to issuethe necessary list of laws in which the amount of additional payments will be at least 1 thousand rubles. It is worth noting that at present the amount of surcharge for military personnel is 240 rubles. The government plans to allocate more than 8 billion rubles to increase military pensions. It is exactly such plans that the prime minister wants to implement during this year. The newspaper "Gudok" informs that it is from 2011, along with military pensions, the increase will be given to railway workers, who will go on deserved rest this year.

It should be noted that the main purpose of the innovationsis the principle of improving the quality of non-state pension provision for all military pensioners. So, various methods, such as the introduction of corporate pension supplements, must firmly enter the pension legislation and practice of the pension business of all ministries. It is only necessary to wait for everything promised by our government to its servicemen.

So it will wait for next changes.

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