If impotence at a young age

What can I say, when the symptoms of impotence,probably, are known to many men. This statement applies to both older people and young people. That is, of course, statistics show that, in general, the first signs of impotence are more often manifested in men over forty. Perhaps, we should also take into account the fact that not everyone discovers this pathology, especially if impotence is at a young age.

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is expressed innot the ability to achieve an erection that prevents the entry of the penis into the vagina and the conduct of a normal sexual intercourse. It is characteristic that recently impotence at a young age is not uncommon. Cases when young people under the age of twenty-five turn for qualified help are getting more frequent.

Pathology is expressed by various manifestations

When conducting the examination, these patients usually do not have organic pathologies. It is about the absence:

  • hormonal imbalance,
  • inflammation of the pelvic organs,
  • diabetes mellitus,
  • disorders of the blood supply of the vessels of the reproductive organ.
  • pathologies of the nervous system.

But the very thought that they have impotence inyoung age, causes in boys the complexes, in turn, further weakening the erection. A significant role in this case is played by a lack of experience, insufficient awareness or complete absence of experience.

Ironically, many men for some reason believe,that an erection can not be restored. Allegedly, impotence at a young age, like in any other, is incurable and "will have to live with it." But the fact is that for a certain period of time, erectile dysfunction was treated with little effect. This has given rise to today's misconceptions about the ineffectiveness of treating impotence.

False representations of impotence

  • It's all! There's nothing to be done now, you'll have to accept it. In fact, modern methods of treatment cure various forms of erectile dysfunction. With this, the potency is restored, the quality of the erection increases, the frequency of sexual intercourse and its duration increase. Pain and other side effects are a thing of the past.
  • The reasons lie purely or most often inpsychogenic plane. Studies, however, say the following. Up to 20% of cases are organic causes that require comprehensive treatment.
  • Impotence is the lot of older men. Again a wrong judgment. About 20% of cases are recorded in men under 30, but in general, with modern methods of treatment, effective care is provided at any age.
  • This pathology is a rarity. Too confusing. Up to 40% of men face impotence in one form or another. Naturally, the quality and time of the desired result directly depends on how soon a person turns to qualified help.
  • On health, erectile dysfunction is notis reflected. Also a myth. Doctors say that impotence and irregular sexual life can lead to prostatitis. This is expressed in a decrease in general tone, depression, frequent urination.


  • Erectile dysfunction is not a verdict, but it is effectively cured.
  • Oppression must be discarded when it comes to the quality of life. Address to experts in due time. They are called to help you in such situations.
  • Impotence at a young age is not a rarity.
  • Cured at any age men.
  • Treatment at the initial stage is most effective.
  • In some cases, erectile dysfunction is eliminated during several visits to a specialist.

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