How to watch TV over the Internet?

The main passion of mankind - television - was replaced by the omnipresent Internet. He couldn’t completely replace the TV, but he still pressed him hard. After all, now even watching TV programs in real time can be done via the network. How to watch TV via the Internet, our article will tell you.

Special applications

On the Web now you can download many varieties of programs that allow you to watch TV. For example, you can download and install the VLC media player for Windows application. This is a free program, with the search for which there is no problem. It allows you to view various video files, but can be used to broadcast channels. Download and install it on your computer. Next, search for your favorite channels using search queries or visit this page and find them in the list:. Copy the selected codes and save in the program playlist and enjoy the viewing.

More convenient for work, but at the same time RusTVPlayer application is much more limited.Download it here:. Install it on your computer, following the prompts, and run the application. It is ready for use, as it contains 240 different channels, both domestic and foreign.

For more demanding telemans there is a program ProgDVB, in paid and free versions. It allows you not only to watch TV, but also to use the program guide, teletext and subtitles. Now you can enjoy watching the channels right from your computer screen.

But it is not necessary to be content with television on a laptop or PC. Purchase an S-video cable that allows you to connect a TV as a monitor to your computer. Plug the cord into the appropriate connectors on the laptop and TV. Click on the computer screen with the right button on the desktop and select the “Properties” item in the drop-down menu. Go to the "Settings" tab and select the second monitor. Now the images will be displayed on the TV screen, and you can watch your favorite TV programs.

So, you can safely use these programs and applications:

  • VLC media player for Windows
  • RusTVPlayer
  • ProgDVB

If you want to learn how to connect a computer to a TV, read the article How to display an image from a computer to a TV.

Online resources

If you watch TV only occasionally and do not want to install special programs for personal reasons, you can use the services of numerous online resources:

  • - A large number of both foreign and domestic TV channels are represented here. In the right pane, you can select the channel that you need.
  • - this site, like the previous one provides the ability to view channels from around the world.
  • - the only drawback of this resource is a lot of advertising on the site itself.

To view them, just click on the icon of the channel you like. Most likely, you will be offered not one, but several sources of viewing. Choose anyone who works and enjoy watching.

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