How to turn off the iPod?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
April 4, 2013
How to turn off the iPod?

Many people have an iPod - a stylish player with many features. Sometimes, they can even get confused. For example, there is often a problem when the owner does not know how to turn off his fashionable gadget - because despite the fact that the question seems simple, the solution is not always obvious. Apple products are notable for non-standard design, and you may not find a banal “on / off” button. Therefore, we consider how to turn off the iPod of different models.

iPod shuffle

This is the simplest model of the entire line of iPods, it does not even have a screen. All control is performed by the three-way button:

  • left position starts playing music in random order,
  • the middle loses in order,
  • left position turns off.

That's all.

iPod nano

Up to the fifth generation, these iPods are turned off with the pause / play button - you need to hold it down for a while, and the iPod will go to sleep. You can also just press the Hold button (lock). This way all models up to 5g iPod nano are disabled. How to turn off 6g, we consider separately.The fact is that this iPod has a touch screen, so it does not have a pause button. But there is another one - “sleep / wake”, and it’s necessary to hold it for a long time in order to turn off the player. You can simply turn off the display - for this you need to press this button once.

iPod classic

For this iPod, the same instructions are applicable as for iPod nano younger generations.

iPod touch

And here, the shutdown principle is similar to the iPod nano 6g model - there is also a “sleep / wake” button, which needs to be held for a few seconds. The message "turn off" appears in the form of a slider - just move it.

Now you will not have any difficulties with the question of how to turn off the ipod, because in our article we discussed in detail all possible ways.

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