How to tie a tippet?

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How to tie a tippet?

A shawl stole made of fine cashmere came into vogue after the French Empress Eugene and the English Queen Victoria got carried away. Later, the fashion for wearing stoles spread to the Russian royal court. Palatine as a type of female accessory is very common and important. With it, you can refresh or even change the image, besides, it is very warm. It can be worn both with a coat, a jacket, and as a headdress with a fur coat. Silk cloth palantine will perfectly frame an evening dress. The right scarf will draw attention to the merits of the face and hide the figure's flaws. Agree, the tippet is a very necessary and stylish thing, but it is important to know how beautiful it is to tie a tippet. Otherwise, it will look just carelessly, clumsily knotted. In order to learn the art of tying the wrap, read this article. So, how to tie a tippet?

How to tie a tippet around your neck?

Palatine is usually worn with blouses and blouses with a neckline.If you wear it with a turtleneck or a shirt with a collar, then it will make the image heavier. In a certain way, tied stole will be able to visually increase the volume of the breast and draw out the figure, make it slimmer.

Of course, in order to understand how to properly tie a shawl palatine is best to demonstrate the video. We recommend you a video that received nearly 12 million views on youtube. In it, a sweet girl artistically and understandably without words in 4.5 minutes shows 25 ways of knitting a scarf. After watching the main video, there are additional tutorials on individual methods in English, but you will understand everything even without words. Looks and remembers everything very easily. Here you can begin to experiment with your scarf. Do not be embarrassed that palatine is not always used there. It has been proven that all tricks are easily applied on it. Attached to the article video, how to tie the tippet:

How to tie a tippet on a head and how to tie a tippet on a coat?

In this video, in addition to the options already considered, you can see how the tippet is fastened on the coat, and also see how the scarves are tied to the head.And here's another simple option, how beautifully to tie a scarf tippet on a coat. It is necessary to think not only about how beautifully to tie a tippet on top of a coat, but also what texture it will have, as this is important. In this case, the tippet should be made of thick wool, can be decorated with fringe or tassels.

By the way, the fashion expert Evelina Khromchenko once mentioned the Russian Pavlovsk scarves in a separate way. They can be called analogue stole. They came to Russia from the east. In the 70s, they inspired the designers of almost all famous fashion houses. They specifically traveled to the USSR to take photos of their collections against the background of temples. And the most popular options for wearing Pavlovo shawls from French designers are just a shawl over a coat, a shawl under the cap, and the direct purpose of the shawl in style a la "grandmother". Nowadays, the culture of the east and Islam is also reflected in fashion, so you can pay attention to the Muslim version of tying scarves.

If you learn how to properly tie a tippet, you can even diversify a small wardrobe. In addition, beautiful stoles will give the desired effect and inexpensive wardrobe.Do not forget that it is possible to vary the color scale of stole. It is also important that the scarf is stylistically appropriate for the occasion on which you wear it. Now you can tell your friends how to wear a shawl stole.

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