How to think like a man?

Women are beautiful creatures without which the universe would be impossible. Then why are men usually more successful? Why are there so many in politics, business and other areas? Why even the most attractive and intelligent women of the weaker sex are often lonely and cannot find a common language with a single fan? It's simple - they do not know how to think like a man.

To begin to think like men, it is necessary, for a start, to find out what they think about and even remotely understand their logic and psychology. To do this, we understand the most frequent female stereotypes.


  • Men are insensitive - do you think so too? Well, of course, it's not him, but a girlfriend can even from afar notice that your heart is sad that something happened. In this case, your own husband until you say about it, he will not notice. Maybe this is so, but this does not mean that he is insensitive. Remember, men do not respond to facial expressions, do not try to read your thoughts, and their intuition is much less developed. He needs to be told directly about what exactly is happening in your head, why you are going through. Then only he will understand everything.
  • Men do not listen - do you want to think like a real man? Then understand one thing for yourself - women speak simply to chat, and they, knowing this, often do not listen to us attentively. The purpose of the conversation between men is to solve problems. Do you have any problems? Then after 3 minutes, the beloved will stop listening to you.
  • Men do not notice anything - yes, men are not as good as we notice small details. It is unlikely that he will ever tell you: “Oh, pale pink lipstick fits your shoes more than pale lilac!”. If he noticed your new hairstyle - you already have a reason for joy.
  • Men are very slow - you think: “I’m breaking into hundreds of parts, but I manage to do everything, but he is not able to kill one regiment for half a day!” You want to understand how to think like a man, accept the fact that a woman’s brain is programmed to do several things at the same time. Among men you will not find such an ability. The only exception was Julius Caesar. That you can prepare a cake and, at the same time, help the child to do homework. If you come to your beloved, when he shaves and ask any question, then most likely he will not hear you, focusing on his lesson, or he will be cut.
  • Men are too silent - men cannot instantly find new topics for conversation. Maybe this is due to the fact that parents usually talk to girls more and more often.
  • Men are unemotional - believe me, this is not at all the case. Each representative of the stronger sex wants to seem strong and confident, to feel like a master of the situation. For this, he puts on a mask of indifference and dispassion. At the same time, such storms can rage in his soul that you cannot imagine. How to think like a man? If you hide all your emotions, you will be very much like him.

Male thinking

  • Women are not less talented than men. Then why are they more likely to succeed than we? Because they are determined to succeed, they always think about achieving high social status, power, and promotion in their career.
  • In each of them hides a small child. It is hidden under the mask of the stoic. In order not to miscalculate, spoil him at least sometimes and encourage. Think like him. Do not think all day about household chores and problems at work. Remember that from time to time you need to relax.
  • Approve your man, always thank him for the gifts. Do not take the services that he provides to you as a matter of course.
  • If a man finds himself in an unfamiliar street, he is not too lazy to go the extra distance to find the right house himself, but the woman in his place will immediately ask passers-by how to get to the right place.
  • A man is afraid of losing his own dignity, so never beat on his self-esteem.
  • That you always come up with several options with which you can solve the problem. He also believes that your several options make his personal decision wrong.
  • He does not know how to think in several directions at the same time. He is more straightforward. Do not go abruptly from one topic to another, otherwise it will be completely confused. The strong floor is silently thinking about one thing.

And the last piece of advice: be a woman, think like a man and you will have no equal!

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