How to take off your standards?

Before you start making clothes -creating a pattern and actually cutting out a model of clothes, you need to take measurements. This is done so that the pants, skirt or dress are sitting like poured - nowhere there was nothing hanging, did not draw and did not interfere. Professional tailors claim that properly taken measurements of the figure provide half the success. Many people are wondering how to take off their measurements to sew clothes in size.

General information

To remove the measurements you need to prepare: it is necessary to put on that underwear, which you usually wear under your clothes. After all, some corrective underwear can reduce the size by 1-2 sizes, and bras with a push-up effect, on the contrary, can increase the size of the breast. Therefore, in order for clothes to fit perfectly in a figure in such underwear, you should take measurements in it.

It is also advisable to tie a thin waistcloth belt - this will make it easier to determine the dimensions not only of the waist, but also the length of the gear and the backrest - in fact it will be seen from which line to measure. When removing the measurements, you should stand evenly, do not slouch and do not turn around, since the result of sewing the product depends on this. In addition, it is impossible to tighten the tape of a centimeter too tightly.

How to remove from yourself the standards for tailoring blouses, jackets, dresses and coats

To make these items of clothing you will need to measure the girth of the chest, waist and hips.

  • The volume of the breast should be measured in the laundry. Measurements are carried out on the most convex part of the bust.
  • The waist is measured by the thinnest part on the abdomen.
  • Thigh volume is measured at their widest part. You need to be objective and take measurements responsibly, because minimizing the amount of centimeters can lead to the fact that then you will not be able to get into too tight clothes.

Additional measurements for tailoring blouses, coats and jackets

How to take measurements, so that the product "sat" on the figure:

  • Neck circumference - measured horizontally at the base of the neck. This measurement is necessary for articles with a narrow neck;
  • Breast height is a measure that is removed from the point of the neck's passage into the shoulder down to the most prominent part of the chest. This metering is used to bookmark recesses;
  • The length of the backrest - the measure is removed from the base of the neck from behind, to the waist, along the line of the spine. In order to independently measure on the back, two mirrors facing each other will be required;
  • The length or width of the shoulder is measured from the base of the neck, horizontally, to the extreme point of the shoulder;
  • Breast width and width of back - measured horizontally between axillary cavities, respectively front and back;
  • The length of the sleeve is the distance between the extreme point of the shoulder and the wrist. To ensure that the sleeve of the finished product is then "not jumped" when bending at the elbow, this measurement should be taken with a bent hand;
  • The girth of the hand in its narrowest part is required for the cuffs;
  • The armhole length is the size from the highest point of the shoulder down vertically to the horizontal line drawn from the armpit;
  • The length of the product is the distance from the base of the neck to the back, to the desired point of the length of the product.

Sewing of trousers and skirts

If you want to sew the underside of clothing withhigh waist, then again you will need such measures as the girth of the waist and hips. How to properly remove these measurements, already described above. Special measurements for trousers and skirts are:

  • The inner length of the leg (the length of the step) is the distance from the crotch to the floor (measured without shoes);
  • The outer length of the leg - the measure is removed from the waist to the floor (also measured barefoot);
  • Hip circumference - measured at the widest point of the thigh horizontally;
  • The height of the thigh is the distance from the most protruding part of the thigh to the waist. Merka is removed on the outer part of the thigh;
  • Circumference of the knee - horizontal measure taken in the bend area of ​​the knee;
  • Circumference of the ankle is a measure that is taken in the narrowest part of the shin to sew narrowed trousers or losin;
  • The length of the product - for trousers can be equal to the outer length of the leg, and for skirts and shorts - is the distance from the waist to the desired length.

Sewing of linen

Also there will be no difficulties with tailoring of linen,if you know how to take off your size. No special measurements are required for this. Usually the upper part uses the measurements already described above: the volume and height of the chest. But you can also additionally need a girth under the chest - measured horizontally under the base of the chest. For the lower part of the underwear set, the waist, hips and thigh height will be required.

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