How to take Mass Gainer?

Igor Frolov
Igor Frolov
October 23, 2014
How to take Mass Gainer?

In the regime of intense workouts before each bodybuilder someday becomes a question about the adoption of sports nutrition. This may be due to poor nutrition, lack of certain nutrients or the need for rapid energy recovery.

Protein, creatine or gainer?

In bodybuilding, there are three body types:

  • endomorph;
  • mesomorph;
  • ectomorph.

In other words, endomorphs are people who are prone to corpulence, mesomorphs are medium build, and ectomorphs are thin people who have problems with weight gain. As a rule, it is the ectomorphs that opt ​​for the reception of a geyner, as it allows you to quickly gain muscle mass, perfectly restores energy and does not allow fatigue to appear during exercise. To determine which product is best for you to work out in the gym, read the article Gainer or protein.

Instructions for use geyner

Take a mass gainer should be according to clear instructions of the instructor, because on the basis of your physical indicators, he will be able to carefully choose the dosage.But if you work individually, you can read the detailed instructions in the article How to take a gainer or follow the standard scheme of use:

  1. One serving (two full scoops) should be mixed with 500 ml of water, juice or skimmed milk. It is recommended to use a blender, but for this purpose a shaker will be suitable for mixing manually;
  2. A portion should be taken twice a day: first - between breakfast and lunch time, the second - before bedtime or after exercise. Together with the reception of a gainer, it is recommended to increase the number of water intakes per day. From the article With which you can take a gainer, you can also find out whether it is permissible to use this sports nutrition with other types.

Those who experience serious weight gain should take a super mass gainer. This type of sportpit has a large amount of carbohydrates and fats than an ordinary gainer, but the portions remain the same, so taking super mass gainer follows the scheme described above.

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