How to stretch leather shoes at home for size?

Shoes belong to the essentials, without which no one can live. At the same time, everyone wants to purchase a quality item that will maintain an attractive appearance for a long time, provide maximum comfort and remain durable and to stretch leather shoes at home

But it often happens that purchased shoes do not meet the requirements of comfort because it is too narrow. The condition for overcoming this problem is the quality of the raw materials, which will be amenable to processing. Leather shoes, which always look stylish and do not lose their characteristics for a long time, correspond to such requirements most of all. This article is devoted to the question of how to stretch leather shoes at home.

Features of leather shoes

Everyone knows that leather shoes can stretch, taking the form most convenient for a person.However, this can only be said about products made from leather of good manufacture, made in compliance with all technological processes. Only such things are evenly stretched in the process of wearing and in length and to stretch leather shoes

Before stretching leather shoes at home,it is worth remembering that it does not always diverge correctly, acquiring or maintaining an attractive appearance. For example, if you choose shoes or shoes that are tight in your fingers, they will soon have to be thrown away or thrown into the closet, as in such cases the product either continues to be uncomfortable and rubs, or, stretching, becomes deformed in the toe, which leads to complete loss presentable appearance. Also note that such shoes can stretch only in width. Therefore, you should think carefully before buying, which is too tight or does not fit the size of the legs.

When to stretch shoes

Shoes has its own characteristics. In some cases, the product you like in the store is inconvenient or cramped in the process of wearing. This can be associated not only with a specific cut of the model, but also with the peculiarity of a particular person’s legs.Therefore, the question of whether you can stretch leather shoes, remains quite relevant for many to stretch leather shoes in length

Yes, it is possible, but not in all places. The front part and the area of ​​the sock are very well affected by this procedure. If the problem is related to these parts, then we can safely take up the elimination of discomfort. This should be done primarily because uncomfortable shoes not only interfere with walking normally and cause pain in the legs, but can also lead to deformation of the joints of the legs. And this is fraught with serious consequences.

How to stretch leather shoes in the length of the workshop

Virtually all modern shoe shops have special equipment with which you can rather quickly stretch too tight leather to stretch leather shoes 1 size

As such equipment there are special pads made of metal, which heat up and cool down, which leads to stretching of the skin in the right direction.

There are also special wooden pads with adjustable width and plug-in simulators of stones, which can be placed in different holes depending on the shape of the legs.

However, such methods involve some risk, since no workshop can guarantee that any seam will not disperse during this stretch, which will necessitate subsequent repairs.

How to stretch shoes at home

At home, you can buy a special foam, which is intended for stretching shoes. It is easy to use: you just need to spray on the inside of the product and quickly put on the last. After a few minutes, the skin will harden, which will allow a little to distribute leather shoes, moccasins, boots and so on. How to stretch leather shoes on 1 size? Repeat this procedure several times until the product is stretched to the desired size. If it just rubs or slightly presses, there will be enough one-time procedure for applying the foam, which will quickly affect the fine fibers of the to stretch leather shoes on size

Of course, you can try to carry shoes, occasionally dressing her for short walks and walking around the apartment. To achieve a quicker effect, it is better to wear thick socks. However, this method requires a certain amount of time and provides for some discomfort, which will have to be experienced in the process of wearing.

How can you stretch leather shoes with water

Many people buy leather shoes for daily use, but its inconvenience is found only after the start of active use. In this case, you may simply not be able to give your shoes to the workshop or try to carry them while walking through the apartment. Therefore, quite often you can find the question of how to quickly stretch leather shoes at home. In fact, there are many similar methods that are very effective.can i stretch leather shoes

One of the most effective methods, which many people still have many doubts, is the use of the usual dense bag of water. The essence of this method is that a bag filled with water is placed inside leather shoes. It is noteworthy that thin plastic bags should not be used as a container, since they can simply be torn, which is very undesirable. After that, the shoes are placed in the freezer for some time, so that the water in the package is frozen. As you know, the water expands when it freezes, which allows both stretching leather shoes in width and a little in length, without experiencing discomfort and not losing any extra time to go to the workshop.

One of the ways that you can apply to products made of genuine leather is the use of boiling water. Boiling water should be poured inside the shoe and hold it in this form for 5-10 minutes. After that, the water is drained, and after cooling the product is worn and worn out. You can enhance the effect with the help of cotton socks, which should also be pre-wetted and worn out shoes until they are completely dry.

other methods

Since it is easy to stretch leather shoes at home, you can try the following to stretch leather shoes wide

Hot air can help make leather shoes more comfortable. To do this, you just need to warm the places where the product presses or rubs, and walk around the room for a bit. A similar procedure must be repeated until the shoes become comfortable. However, you should be aware that on the shoes, in which the skin is richly glued before stitching, glue smudges may appear, which will have to be cleaned with a special eraser. You should not try to remove the glue droplets with cologne or other means, as the skin can be damaged or lose color in these places.

Another option is how to stretch leather shoes at home,which causes many conflicting opinions, is the use of wet newspapers. The method provides that you need to fill the leather shoes with wet newspapers and put it for a day in a dry place. Do not try to speed up the drying of newspapers by putting it on a heater or a battery. In this case, though, the leather footwear will expand, but under the influence of heat it can be deformed. In addition, you should know that before applying wet newspapers you need to stretch the insoles, as they absorb all the moisture that is needed for exposure to the skin. Remove the newspaper should be only after they have dried, what happens about a day (depending on the humidity in the room).

How to quickly stretch shoes

And how to quickly stretch leather shoes? There are several methods of stretching that are suitable exclusively for products made of genuine leather. To use them on products made of leatherette or leather of poor quality is not worth it, because in this case the material can not only be severely deformed, but also come into complete unsuitability.

An effective way to stretch leather shoes to size is the use of a 3% solution of vinegar. This solution needs to moisten the inner surface, and then put on and wear out for 30-60 minutes. If after that the shoes do not stretch enough, the procedure should be repeated. Especially effective this method is, if necessary, stretching the shoe in the area of ​​the fingers.

What if leather shoes creak?

Another problem that often occurs when purchasing leather shoes is the appearance of a characteristic unpleasant squeak. Many people believe that this is one of the effects of the skin, which you just need to accept, but it is not. In fact, the creak of leather shoes can be eliminated with ordinary vegetable or castor oil. A few drops of it must be carefully rubbed on the sole.

If desired, the oil can be replaced with natural heated drying oil. However, you should not wear shoes immediately after such processing. It should stand until the oil or linseed oil is completely absorbed into the sole.

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