How to sprout "spikelets" to a child: step by step instruction with a photo

"Spike" - this is one of the best techniques of weavingfor a daily and festive hairstyle. This kind of braids can be braided on short, medium and long hair. There are plenty of options for weaving techniques. They are great for young children and teenagers. How to braid a spikelet child (step-by-step instruction), is told in this article. In principle, nothing complicated.

Species of "spikelets"

There are such basic types:

- A standard "spikelet" of three curls, where all the hair connects.

"No, where the strings stretch carelessly."

- Reverse or, as it is called, "spikelet vice versa."

- The braids of two and four curls, the so-called "fish tail".

- "Dragons" with the addition of ribbons.

- A few "spikelets", smoothly turning into afrokosichki.

- Spit, imitating a hoop, and much more.

Terms of braiding

Some key features:

- It is necessary to know the technique of weaving ordinary braids.

- The hair should be washed.

- All the strands are carefully combed so that there is no tangling.

- Start from the top of the head.

- For a more original hairstyle, carefully pull out the strands to create an effect of volume.

- Naughty hair is smeared with gel or water.

- A tight braiding is necessary only on short hair.

How to braid a spikelet child (step by step instruction)

1) Choose from above (at the base of the forehead) part of the hair. But the locks do not touch the temples.

2) Divide this bundle into three equal curls.

how to braid a spikelet child step by step instructions

3) First they start to throw curls like in an ordinary braid. Literally three weaves.

how to prick the ear of a child step by step instruction photo

4) Connect the two strands. Take alternately from the sides a thin curl and weave into the braid (right cross with the left).

how to plaque two spikelets to a child step by step instructions

5) All hair must enter the braid. When they are finished, they add, like a regular scythe, or they gather into the tail.

how to braid a 2 spikelet child step by step instruction

6) The braid is very similar to the spikelet. Looks hairstyle very attractive.

Now you know how to braid a "spike" a child. Step-by-step instruction (the photos are presented above) clearly and clearly shows how to do it. Nothing complicated.

How to plaque two "spikelet" to the child (step by step instruction)

You can simply divide the hair in half with a smooth parting and weave as described in the beginning of the article. But you can try the original scheme of weaving, which every mother can do independently.

Standard scheme:

1) Pure hair is divided in half by a smooth parting.

2) One part of the hair, so as not to interfere, fixed with an elastic band.

3) Felt in the same way as a regular spikelet. First - on the one hand, then on the other.

A special highlight in this technique is the satin ribbon (of any color). How to braid 2 spikelets to a child (step-by-step instruction, an unusual option):

1) The washed hair is divided evenly in half.

2) One piece is fixed with an elastic band, in the second one a strand is separated.

3) Attach the tape with invisible objects so that it has 2 equal halves (it is the basis for plaiting the braid). It should turn out: on each side - a tape, in the middle - a curl.

4) Next weave a simple "spikelet", twisting the side hair with a ribbon. This action is done to the end (if the edges of the tape are left, they tie a braid).

5) This action is also done on the second side.

How to plaque two spikelets to a child step by step instructions

On short hair

On short curls such weaving bringssome inconvenience. For beginners, experts recommend training on the tail, which is connected with an elastic band. How to braid the "spikelets" of a child - a step-by-step instruction (on short hair):

1) Begin with the top of the head. Collect all the hair and fasten the elastic band in the tail.

2) Divide into two uniform strands.

3) With two parts separated by a thin curl.

4) Begin to shift the strands (from the right side to the left and vice versa).

5) Such manipulations are done to the end (along the entire length).

On long hair

If the owner has a hair length of 20 cm, then there is where the fantasy will unfold. For example, a very original and festive look laced scythe.

how to braid a spikelet child step by step instruction on short hair

How to sprout "spikelets" to a child? Step-by-step instruction (for long hair):

1) By itself, the braid is created by the technique of stretching strands.

2) Twine standard "spike" of 3 strands, do not tighten strongly.

3) At the same time a little stretch strands.

4) Preliminary think over the place of the base of the braid, as it will be intended for the fixation of the flower.

5) Add to the end and twist the braid in a flower, fasten with stilettos.

It will look original with interwoven ribbons of different colors. Or decorations in the form of pins with beads.

How to braid a circular spikelet child step by step instruction

Circular "spikelets"

After mastering the usual weaving, you will not be difficult to make such a scythe. Everything is very simple. So, how to braid a circular spikelet child (step-by-step instruction):

1) What are the features? To hide the bottom of the braid, it is recommended to start the weaving behind the ear.

2) On the washed hair do a strictly even parting. Combing near the ear, draw a vertical line and separate the curls.

3) The separated strand behind the ear is divided into three equal parts.

4) Begin to braid an ordinary braid. Literally, a few gates. Then add two curls together.

5) Alternately add hair from the side. On the right side choose a thin curl and lay on the left strand.

6) On the left side stack on the right.

7) Such movements weave in a circle to the second ear.

8) When all the hair is finished, add a regular braid and fix it with an elastic band.

9) Lightly pull the hair out of the braid (attach volume). Then it is wrapped around the head and fixed with invisibility.

French spikelet on the contrary

The fashion includes extraordinary stretched braids. The scheme of this weaving at first glance may seem heavy. But in practice, everything is very easy.

How to braid such a spikelet child? Step-by-step instruction:

1) Carefully comb the washed hair.

2) On top of the curl and divide into 3 parts.

3) Grasp the left curl and turn it down (under the two remaining ones).

4) The third curl starts under the first and second (weaving occurs inside).

5) Step by step such an action, adding the remaining hair.

6) Large and small strands are taken.

7) To give volume, gently stretch the strands.

This kind of spit can be done in zigzags. Or braid two braids.

"Spike" on one side

1) By means of a lateral parting the hair is divided into two uneven parts. One must be much larger than the other.

2) Most of the hair is separated by a horizontal parting.

3) On top choose curl and divide into three parts. They braid the braid, alternately add side hair.

4) The center of the braid should be not level, but shifted to the side.

5) When weaving reaches the ear, change direction, do the manipulation obliquely.

6) Fix with an elastic band.

How to braid a 2 spikelet child step by step instruction

"Fish tail"

"Fish tail" is a simple and at the same time not quite an ordinary weaving. To decorate hair with such a hairdo, you can not only long, but also short.

How to braid such a "spike" child? Step-by-step instruction:

1) You will need: a massage comb, water (to make the hair obedient), an accessory (hair clip or elastic, hairpins, if desired, tape).

2) Carefully comb the hair so that it does not run out, sprinkle with water.

3) Whole hair is combed back, and small temples are allocated at the temples. These strands are combined with each other (the right one is on the top left). Keep the crossed strands in one hand.

4) In turn, the other hand, on the left sideallocate one more curl. It should be the same size, and combined with the right (which remained in his hand). Do it so that it is on top right.

5) The finished weave is pressed by hand.

6) On the other hand, they do the same manipulations (a new strand is crossed already with woven ringlets).

7) Continue to the end of the braid, alternately adding hair from opposite sides.

How to braid a spikelet child step by step instruction

Double braid

1) Pre-comb all the hair. In the parietal zone, separate the strand and divide it into three curls.

2) Begin the weaving as a "fish tail".

3) Small strands are added to the main weave.

4) When a little braids are already braided (to the crown of the head with a hair clip), the hair is extracted from the remaining hair for the second layer.

5) Make picking and weaving is produced underneath. Continue to weave without tackling to the end. Loose hair should stay.

6) Return to the top. They release them from the barrettes and add them to the technique of the ordinary braid, gradually adding loose strands.

7) Once the two braids are ready, connect them with an elastic band.

"Spike" in a zigzag

The scheme of weaving, as well as the standard "spikelet". For example, begin with the right side, and finish the weaving of the opposite (left). Turns in the form of a zigzag can be from two or more.

Over time, the standard spit "spikelets" is notforgotten, and mutated beyond recognition. Variants and technique of weaving, following the fashion, have become diverse. Such a hairdress is able to decorate the child's hair both for everyday and for a festive occasion by its originality and unordinary.

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