How to speed up childbirth?

Those who have never been in this interesting position will not understand the desire of pregnant women to give birth as soon as possible. They will say that pregnant women have their own “cockroaches in their heads” and may be right. At first glance, it seems, well, is there really a week - two - this is so important and you can’t wait, but we know that in the last terms, one day drags on like a week. Yes, some women are practically afraid of preterm labor for all 9 months, while others are already sitting on the 42nd week and are still waiting for the appearance of such a long-awaited baby. This topic is very relevant today, you are far from the first and not the last future mommy, who can't wait to learn how to speed up the birth.

How do doctors give birth

Stimulation of labor is an artificial method of inducing labor at different stages of pregnancy. Labor induction is possible only in the absence of any contraindications for natural childbirth. Childbirth causes only in those cases if the child passes through the birth canal, so consider this if you are going to apply folk methods.

When it is necessary to initiate labor activity

  • Repurpose If you are not yet in the 42nd week, then you do not need to know how to accelerate the onset of labor. Until the 42nd week, pregnancy is considered absolutely normal. But fetus aging is determined not only by the duration of pregnancy, but also by its condition.
  • Late preeclampsia. When a woman has late preeclampsia, which progresses, and therapy does not help, childbirth begins to cause, so as not to harm the maternal organism. This is possible only when natural childbirth is possible.
  • Rhesus conflict. When the antibody titer inexorably increases and the treatment practically does not help, labor induction is possible. In another case, the continuation of gestation threatens the health and life of the fetus.

Birth Controls

In all these cases, it is necessary to prepare the cervix for delivery. For this purpose, preparations containing prostaglandins are used. They help the uterus to change the structure of its tissues for maturation. The preparations relax the isthmus, the lower segment of the uterus and the neck. The action of prostaglandins is not only aimed at opening the cervix, but also at enhancing contractile uterine activity.

Today it is very popular to use Prepidil-gel, which is inserted into the posterior vaginal fornix into the cervical canal. This is done under the condition that the fetal bladder is intact. If there was a premature discharge of water, then the use of this method is impossible. After the gel has been injected, labor begins after about 9-10 hours, depending on the maturity of the uterus. But the effect does not occur in 100% of cases, sometimes you need to re-enter the gel. A maximum of three times the introduction of the gel. If he did not act for the third time, then the fourth introduction is already useless.

The same induction of labor occurs in the following cases:

  • Premature rupture of amniotic fluid,
  • Pathologically prepared period
  • Premature detachment of a normally located placenta.

How to speed up the hospital delivery process

Most often there is an opening of the fetal bladder (amniotomy), after which prostaglandins begin to be actively produced and the tissues of the birth canal become irritated. The mechanism of action of amniotomy is still not fully understood.

If the uterus is not fully ripe, or there are scars on it, the opening of the fetal bladder is not performed.

There are rare cases when a contraction does not begin after an amniotomy. Then drugs are introduced that activate labor.

How to speed up the birth at home

If your body is already ready for childbirth, which still does not occur, then you can use some methods of initiating labor in the home.


The most common way is sexual intercourse. The fact is that the sperm contains biologically active substances that affect the cervix and activate its maturation. In many cases, childbirth begins precisely after sex.

Contraindications: low location of the placenta, placenta previa, infectious diseases in a partner. Do not engage in active sex, it increases the risk of placental abruption. If you doubt that your partner is completely healthy, then do not engage in sexual intercourse with him, as even minor germs can harm and cause inflammation by penetrating the cervix, which has already opened.

Physical activity

Not sure how to speed up the birth? You can help walking, shopping, yoga, belly dancing, swimming, general cleaning in the house, and especially cleaning floors without a mop. The main thing is not to overdo it and do not lift weights, so that there is no placental abruption.

Breast massage

Active nipple massage causes a contraction of the uterus, that is, the onset of labor, in addition, during the massage, the hormone oxytocin is secreted. In order not to injure the nipples, massage them gently and gently.

Bowel cleansing

It is possible to provoke uterine contractions with the help of an enema, which will clean the intestines well.

Folk remedies

A good means of initiating labor activity is beets and parsley. But be extremely careful with the other methods. Most importantly, under no circumstances, do not use castor oil, it does not provoke childbirth, but a miscarriage.


You can also try inhaling jasmine or rose oil.


Not earlier than at 37 weeks, you can try raspberries, raspberry jam, tea with raspberry leaves. This method will only work if the cervix is ​​already prepared.


  • Conduct experiments with food, namely, starve or overeat, eat sour or spicy. Lemons in large quantities also harm you and the child.
  • Scare your baby with very loud noises, visiting cinemas and other noisy places. Your karapuzu will bring stress.

Most importantly, never practice any method without the permission of your doctor. You want to make and give birth to a healthy strong child? Each pregnancy is special, maybe if you don’t give birth in the 40th week - for you the absolute norm.

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