How to shoot in church?

Shooting in sacred places is a painstaking work and at the same time very interesting. Many novice photographers, and not only, try to figure out how to shoot in a church or a temple.

It is necessary here not only to select the correct camera angles and settings, but also to monitor their movements.

Photographing in church

Working in the church, you must remember that you are from a holy place, so the behavior and your movements should be appropriate:

  • "The absence of a photographer." The photographer should work on the principle of "absence", that is, no one should see and hear, and at the same time he should take good pictures and not miss important moments. There are no production shots. Only at the end of baptism you can ask for several such shots with the priest.
  • Momentary shooting. Photography in the church is complicated by the fact that you have to catch the right moment, and it's not so easy to do it. You should know in advance how the rite or sacrament (baptism, wedding, etc.) that you came to take is happening.
  • Details. You need to pay attention to the details: clothes, key points - this can not spare the staff. For example, if you are shooting the infant's baptism, you can take shots with his little hands holding a cross, knitted pinets over a font, etc. Do not forget to capture the expressions of the face of parents and godchildren at the crucial moment, as well as the child himself.

In addition, before you start shooting, you need to ask permission from the abbot of the temple, as in some churches and temples photo and video shooting is prohibited.

Camera Settings

Before you start shooting, you need to set the desired camera settings. To do this, make a few test frames, and you can understand what needs to be configured:

  • Flash. If there is enough light in the temple, then the flash should not be used, otherwise the pictures can turn bright and lose the sense of mystery. If there is muted light in the church, then it is best to use an external flash with a good diffuser (however, do not forget to ask your father beforehand whether it is allowed to use the flash in the temple).
  • ISO. In dark rooms, this indicator is raised, in light - reduced. The minimum value is 200, the maximum value can be 1600.
  • Diaphragm. The aperture values ​​are from 4 to 8 units.

Since all the indicators depend on each other, then you need to configure them together.

More information about the art of photography can be found in the Photography section.

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