How to sew a backpack? As easy as pie!

The modern market offers a huge selection of different bags and backpacks for any. But to find a truly original, unusual thing today is very difficult. Therefore, we offer a couple of tips on how to sew a backpack yourself at home from scrap materials.

Baby as a gift

how to sew a backpack with your own handsAn interesting and quite simple way can be the option of making a soft toy. How to sew a backpack from an old bear or dog? First of all, you need to correctly assess the size of the future backpack and the height of the child so that the portfolio does not look cumbersome. Then you can proceed to the very tailoring. First you need to release the toy from the filler. To do this, make a cut from the head to the tail along the central seam on the back, pull out the contents, without affecting the legs and head, which should keep the shape. Insert a zipper into the seam on the back. So the backpack will be closed, and you can safely fill it with everything you need. Now you need to attach straps to the bag, thanks to which it will be held on the back of the child.It is better if they are regulated. So the little bag can be worn at any time of the year, regardless of the amount of clothing worn. It is better to sew the straps into the seams, but if there are none, you can make the holes yourself, sweep them well, insert the tips of the straps and sew it all up. On the tum toys, you can make an extra pocket for small things. Backpack for the child is ready!

Backpack for sportswear

how to sew a backpackNow we offer helpful advice on how to sew a backpack to go to the gym. There are two options: with a fixed bottom and no bottom. The pattern is quite simple: two pieces of fabric (preferably a waterproof raincoat fabric), which are sewn on three sides, the fourth side is a hole that will be tightened with a cord. In parallel, corners are stitched from the usual lace. Backpack for sportswear ready.

Denim backpack

how to sew a backpack from old jeans

If there are unwanted old jeans lying around at home, they do not need to be thrown away. You can try to make them a backpack, which for some time will extend the jeans life. By the way, you can also use other things from this fabric, which are quite useful for the decoration of the bag. Understanding how to sew a backpack from old jeans, you need to knowthat from the very beginning it is necessary to cut those pieces of fabric that are not suitable for anything: various rubbing, hopelessly polluted or torn places. Well, if the jeans are in perfect condition in the area of ​​the priests and waist. These parts are very necessary for the future product - this will be the bag itself. From the pants you need to make the bottom of a briefcase, based on the size of the product. It is better to sew a cardboard or even a thin veneer into the bottom of the bottom so that the backpack holds its shape perfectly. Also, pants will go on the straps. The belt is a clasp for a backpack, tightened with a strap. As you can see, it’s easy to figure out how to stitch a backpack. Now you can think about how to decorate the bag, for example, stick a sticker or sew small parts.

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