How to sell an article?

If you can write good and high-quality articles, it is quite natural that you may want to sell them. As it turns out, it’s not enough to write an article, you still have to sell it profitably. So let's learn how to sell an article.

How to write an article

There are several criteria by which the customer will evaluate the article and decide on its purchase. This is - uniqueness, literacy, an interesting topic and a good title.


Naturally, any customer seeks to get a unique, one-of-a-kind article. No one wants to pay money for text written off from another site, albeit a little corrected. Unique content like search engines. If unique articles do not appear on the site, the site loses its popularity, and with it the profit. Therefore, the article must be unique. There are special services that allow you to check the uniqueness of the article. You can use, Advego Plagiatus, Etxt Antiplagiat.


Well, with this point it is understandable without words. The article should be free of spelling and punctuation errors.If you have bad spelling, include special services. And you can check literacy using MS Word.


Of course, the topic should be interesting. Do not write many times on the same annoying topic, it’s better to choose the categories “How to make money on the Internet?” Or “Construction”. These topics are always popular. However, remember that you need to write about what you understand. Otherwise, the customer will immediately see your incompetence and will not even think about buying your article.


The title of the article should be original, memorable. In general, such that the article with this title would like to read. The fact is that the title of the article is a kind of commercial offer, advertising. It depends on him whether the customer wants to buy your text.

So, we learned what to do to make the customer want to buy your article. And now we'll talk about where to sell the article.

Where to sell articles

Content Sales Exchanges

Now there are a lot of such exchanges. You can find them through search engines. Each exchange has its own requirements for articles. Therefore, you must first carefully examine these requirements. Here are some exchanges - Advego, Textsale, Etxt.

Seo Forums

You can sell articles on special forums. To do this, you need to register on the forum and constantly maintain your reputation. In addition, you need to create your own topics in which you will post your work, as well as a link to the portfolio and your pricing.


There are many sites where you need to constantly update the content. Therefore, you can write to the site editor and offer your services. Just do not forget about the important nuance: the articles you should write about what you understand.

Magazines and newspapers

You can write articles for prints. To do this, you need to find the address of the editor, usually he is written at the end of a magazine or newspaper, and then write his proposal to this address.

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