how to return to the past?

how to return to the past?

  1. I very much wanted to return to the past .... because this was the year I fell in love for the first time and wanted to experience those feelings again ... Once in a dream before immersion someone asked me: do you want to change reality? I do not know what happened next, because I turned off, but I think it's quite real that I went to the past many years ago .... but already in a deep sleep .... It's possible, but for this need either a dream or hypnosis - regression is called and all this while out of body. Before full return to the future or the past,
    I think that you need to live ....
  2. I want in 95 a year to return to the age of 7 years and live a zany
  3. how do I have to mug the face?
  4. All is possible the main thing is not to overdo it
  5. Rotate the watch backward
  6. I want in 2006 year 29 August
  7. So you need to peer into a photo or read text
    and make your face like this:

    or as

    There will be an oshlochok, in my head will become clouded
    and you come to your senses in the past.

  8. Immerse yourself in your memories. And even to visit the places of his past life.
  9. Move faster than the speed of light. If you move with a speed approaching the speed of light, then for you time will slow down relative to the outside world. If you are able to move faster than the speed of light, then, from a technical point of view, slowing the flow of time will allow you to reach your destination even before you leave the point of departure, which will return to the past. Alas, the speed of light is the ultimate stop sign in the universe. According to the rules of Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity, to give the speed of light to an object moving slower than this speed will require an infinite amount of energy the faster you move, the more your mass becomes and the more energy is required for further acceleration. To surpass the speed of light will require technology that is not accessible to mankind. And certainly this is impossible.
    Strictly speaking, the theory of relativity allows the possibility of the presence of superluminal particles, which are called tachyons, but today there is neither evidence of their existence nor the possibility of using them to convey meaningful information (like you), even if they could be detected.
  10. Everything is possible to buy a bum and fly into the past or the future
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  12. I want to go back to 4 a year ago. Togla I Yui fundamentally changed the worldviews
  13. With the help of extrasensory trance.
  14. Physically - in any way, I mean, the scheme "Mom, give birth back to me" does not work. And in memories - as much as necessary)
  15. Yes on. Izi
  16. You can go back to the time of regressive hypnosis ... not longer ...
  17. Go back in time and then you will not be able to fix it. You can only relive those memories in a dream.

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