How to return a man?

Very often on the Internet in various forums and websites we encounter such a request for help: I ​​want to return a man. Let's try to figure out and find out whether it is possible to return a man, and if so, how. People are often very cynical and when asked how to return a beloved man, they say: you don’t have to lose. Of course, this is an ideal option - in time to understand that you are doing something wrong and fix it. But if this has already happened, what can you do ...

However, there is a way out. It is not just to understand, but to recognize his mistakes, to change internally. Just think: you want to return your loved one, but why? Why, if you behave in the same way as you did when you were together? Suppose he forgave you, you are together again. But with the same model of behavior, how long will he be with you? Most likely, he will again run away at the first opportunity and most likely forever. Therefore, before you return it, think - are you ready to change? We now leave behind the brackets the question of his character and readiness to change - he can be a monster or a rag, a drunkard or a bookworm, and by anyone, it is about you now! Whoever he is, if you want to be with him, then you need him like that.And if necessary, but not with you - change. There is no such technique - neither psychological, nor magical, nor any other, in which you can keep a person around you all the time if he does not want that. So, the only way is for HE to want it.

Remember that first you need to return the interest of the man, and only then think about how to return the love of the man. Interest is easier to return. You know the nature of your chosen one. So, think how surprised he is if you change the behavior model, stop cutting it for all convenient and inconvenient reasons, do not cling to it, bother you, swear. If you have been actively practicing all this in dealing with him, then believe me - even the most unobservant and inattentive men will notice this simply because they are waiting for one thing, but it turns out to be something completely different. The first thing that needs to be done is that a kind and caring woman, who does not reproach, but understands, appears instead of the angry shrews or boring aunt. You should not just be, but BECOME such. If this is temporary, you will lose it again. So think about it - are you ready to change so much? If yes, then everything is in your hands, because women in relationships can do a lot if they want to.

Up to this point, I have deliberately not spoken about various psycho trainings, nor about magical techniques, because these are all ancillary things that simply give you the assurance that everything will work out. Neither psychology, nor magic, nothing at all will help you to do the main thing. Only you yourself! As soon as you understand this simple, but coming to everyone thing in your time, you will reach such heights that you could not even dream of. Moreover, such a change will have the most favorable impact not only on the progress in the relationship, but also on communication with others, on work, on household issues, on all aspects of your life. No matter how trite it may sound, the key to everything is the desire and ability to CHANGE, and above all - internally. If you can, if you are ready, then the question of how to return a man will not seem so difficult for you - he will come to you when he sees how you have changed. It is appropriate to tell a little about male psychology and the reasons why men leave.

Usually people make things too simple. And male psychology, in general, is simple. We are different, it is true, but we have a lot in common. Why do men leave? Because they are uncomfortable with this woman.Why is a man uncomfortable? Remember, men can not stand when they saw, except as a joke and with a good facial expression. Yes, men often have to remind a lot of things to do this. Believe me, we are arranged simply - we love attention and care, but we don’t like it when we are forced into something, much less sawed. Just remind. Not done - once again remind. We do not because we do not love you, but because we forget without any ulterior motive.

Men need a lot of time for them to devote time to their hobbies, and if this time is taken away, men become angry and irritable or plunge into despondency. Men love sports in its various manifestations, sometimes sitting with friends over a bottle of beer. Men love to have sex. Remember this as well. Now imagine, if a man is not allowed to sit at a computer or watch football with friends on weekends or after work, read his favorite book, and when he came home from work, he was sawed about what he did not do, he did not do it and in general "how I got sick of it all!" ... And then it still happens: if you don’t do it - no sex. This is almost the end, if a man has at least some character.Understand that a man does something, an infinite file does not help, except that you got a copy that is commonly called a "rag" or "henpecked" - you can ride these for a long time, but sometimes they end up with patience.

For a comfortable life together you need to be able to negotiate - this is the only way to marital happiness, and there is no other way. We pay attention to each other and agree to do something together. Not shouting and cursing, but gently and calmly. After all, the most important thing in living together is the willingness to make some kind of concessions, albeit small ones. Without this, your man will leave again until you realize that you need to change. Be happy!

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