How to return a girl?

Separation is said to be the "little death." But sometimes a miracle happens, and your relationship can be resurrected. Try it and you bring your relationship back to life. Remember the main rule: "Water wears away a stone." A girl after a break will refuse you for a long time, maybe even in a rude manner, but if you really love her, you will not take insults to heart and will continue to win her back. So, if you somehow failed the girl, offended somehow, didn’t give proper attention, and she left you, then the situation can be saved, and we will help you to find out how to get your beloved back. However, if she just dumped you, found a more successful or rich guy, think twice, do you need such a "favorite"? Trying to return such a girl, you risk becoming her slave, whom she will exploit in her own interests, without giving anything in return. Do not fall for this bait. The following tips are only for those cases where you have offended a decent girl.

In fact, it is not in the girl’s interest to be without a boyfriend.They can tolerate and maintain relationships for a long time, just not to be left alone and not lose a guy. Parting is either a call for you to notice that this cannot continue any longer, or a signal that you have offended her greatly. If a girl left you, and you don’t know how to get her back, we will reveal the following secrets to you, but get ready, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort on this.

The main rule - be always near. If you only occasionally appear in her life with an offer to return, then nothing will come of it. In order for her to trust you again, you must always be available to her, support her, help. This will be especially effective when she feels particularly lonely, and your sms or greeting card with warm words will warm her heart and give confidence. To podgadat moment, you must always be close, do not disappear from her life. Drive or go to those places where you can see it. She may need help, and if you are around in a difficult moment, she will appreciate it as a sign of fate and reconsider her decision. So, always be near.

However, this is not enough to figure out how to get your girlfriend back. The tips you should follow are simple. You should try to persuade the girl to return.Perhaps, not from the first and not from the fifth attempt, but she will agree, if you have not done anything terrible, because of what she left you. Remember that feelings do not pass quickly, you did not become an absolutely stranger to her. For the time being, not all feelings have cooled, beg her to return, but do not lose man’s dignity and do not become a slave to love if the girl is dishonorable.

If there are no results, and the time is running out, and you still do not know how to get the former girl back, then ask her to go to a family psychologist. This offer may surprise her greatly, but most importantly, having received this offer, she will understand your serious intentions. After all, any girl dreams of getting married. Perhaps she left you because you delayed the offer of a hand and heart, or at least the offer to live together. After separation, offering her a ring is meaningless, but to invite her to a family psychologist is a good alternative.

How to return a girl? You can even try to play the scene. You need to create a situation where you look noble, while other ladies just sighed and gasped about what a good man you are. Seeing how other women admire you, your ex-girlfriend will be jealous and she will doubt her decision to leave you.But you need to do everything so that she did not notice the playfulness. Everything should look natural. Usually, life itself throws up such situations, but if you haven’t thrown it yet, then you should not waste time and create your own. In addition, you need to be creative! Gone is the girl, how to return, do not know, turn on the fantasy, remember the romantic comedies, what ridiculous things men sometimes do there. Do not be afraid to look ridiculous, be afraid that you may lose your love. Maybe in the eyes of other guys you will look strange, but the girl will appreciate your creative impulses. Surprise her!

In the article we answered your question about how to return a girl. Not all tips are universal for every problem. The girls leave for different reasons, depending on them and you need to decide how to return it. Best of all, of course, and not to bring the situation to a critical one, when the girl has nothing left to do but to get away from you. But if this happened after all, you need to go all out, so that a miracle can happen, and she will return.

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