How to repel your appetite? Appetite suppressants

How to repel your appetite? Most people ask themselves this question every night. It seems that everyone is different, each person is unique, but when it comes to the evening, there is something that unites everyone. This feeling of hunger. The refrigerator beckons to itself, and the tasty cookies on the table become even more fragrant and sweet. It is difficult to fight with oneself, and willpower at this time of day tends to zero. But not only in the evening ...

how to repel your appetite


The biggest mistake is snacking between meals. This is exactly what caused the stomach to be broken up and addictive is caused, moreover, so quickly that, having missed it once, it will be difficult to forget about food until it is in the stomach, and only then you can calm down. Of course, in addition to the snack between main meals, the role that a large portion is used for breakfast, lunch and dinner also plays a role. The larger the serving, the stronger the snacks are made, which is characteristic because it’s not fruits that are eaten, but that you can eat more quickly and enjoy it - this is junk food.

How to cope with the desire to eat

If a decision is made to lose weight and, accordingly, to reduce appetite, then there should be no way back. Of course, it is best not to bring the situation to the emergence of obesity problems and catch it in time. Excess weight is not to anyone, and only causes inconvenience. If a decision is made on time, then it is best to start with your thoughts. Stupid? Not really. After all, the desire to eat comes from the head. Everything must be done to switch thoughts to something else. This may be a favorite activity, which was long abandoned, or a thing that wanted to do all my life, but it was not before.

And this option is also possible, that you just need to solve the problems that bother you, stop being nervous, and the desire to improve your mood with food will pass by itself, because you will have nothing to worry about. People often overeat because of stress, so it's best not to get nervous and rest more.


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But if there is a mood, and all thoughts are only about how to solve the issue with increased appetite, what to do next? Do not rush to search the Internet for the most stringent diet in order to appease the desire to eat. Naturally, when fasting, weight decreases, the stomach decreases, and it seems as if appetite is gone, but it is not.As soon as the body feels the taste of food again, it will require even more calories in order to stock up on another case of a hunger strike. The body does not know that the diet is only six days or some other. In fact, loss of appetite should occur gradually, then it will give a long-term effect. Diet is not a specific stage, but a way of life.

Ways to fight off your appetite

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There are many ways to suppress hunger, not simply by force of will. Among them are herbs and pills that discourage appetite. But to advise the use of pills, probably, no one would. There are the most popular, for example, the additive "Turboslim appetite control." Many have tried, but not many helped. Tablets are harmful in any form and cost a lot of money. It is better in this case to use other methods of reducing appetite at home.

But about the herbs we can say that this is a good option. Herbs that beat off the appetite are presented in a wide variety on the shelves of pharmacies. These are corn silk, parsley and wormwood. A good result is also provided by aromatic oils based on mint, cinnamon, vanilla, and apple.The most effective in addressing the issue of how to repel appetite, is patchouli oil. In general, it is enough to try several tools and choose what suits you best.


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If you do not want to take pills and herbs that do not guarantee that the appetite will decrease, it is best to use more economical methods. Suppose you can reduce the feeling of hunger with the help of visualization. It is enough to hang photos of people who are very attractive and slim, or, on the contrary, suffering from overweight - this will be an excellent motivation once again not to eat.

Invariably, when pulling a snack, it is worth to be distracted by more important things. It can be chores, housekeeping, immersion in work and, of course, sports. When you yourself understand how hard it is to run an extra kilometer to maintain a beautiful figure, the next time you don’t want to eat anything.

Healthy lifestyle

And, of course, healthy food is one of the best ways to curb your appetite, because if there are only fruits and vegetables in the fridge, they won't even want to eat for snacks, if they were for breakfast, lunch and dinner ...And the most important thing in the fight against your own appetite is not to go to the store on an empty stomach! After all, you can buy anything: chips, sweets, cookies. After all, I want to eat everything at once, there are thoughts: "How long ago there was nothing tasty in the house ..." and the like. It is better to go to the store after eating, in order to buy healthy food for both the figure and the organism as a whole.

Changing habits - the path to self-improvement

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It’s not easy to change yourself and give up your bad habits, whatever they are. But you need to develop your willpower, it will help not only to look good, but also provide an opportunity to achieve what you want, even in the most diverse areas, not only for weight loss.

There are many methods to repulse your appetite, you just need to choose one that will be most effective for the body and give the result from the first days. You can satisfy your hunger with the help of hobbies or shopping. You can buy things that you like, but a little do not fit in size - this will be a good motivation not to get better and be able to wear them for a party or a holiday. Problems with the second half can also be associated with appearance, as everyone wants to see a well-groomed person next to him in all senses.By reducing your appetite, you can only win because of this. A beautiful figure of thirty, forty, fifty, sixty years is quite possible, and such work on yourself is worth the respect of others. It will be enough just to learn to pamper yourself not with sweets, but with the fact that you can really benefit.

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