How to remove the tint?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
January 8, 2013
How to remove the tint?

Few car owners break up toning of their own free will. This has its own explanation. In the summer, tinted windows protect the interior from excessive heating and do not allow ultraviolet light from which the interior trim burns out. But over time, the appearance of the tint film deteriorates and it has to be changed. How to do it, how to remove the tint? About this our article.

Ways to remove tint film

At the very beginning, the surface of the glass, from which you plan to remove the film, is heated up to about + 40 * C. In this case, the glue softens, and toning is much easier to separate from the glass. For this operation, the power of the most ordinary hair dryer is quite enough. To avoid overheating, do not hold it too close to the glass surface. Try to evenly warm the entire surface.

After that, lower the glass to half (if it is a side glass), as this will facilitate the separation of the top edge of the film from the glass. It is best to carry out this operation with a sharp stationery knife.

There are the following ways how to remove the tint yourself.

  1. In the first case, the film is removed immediately with one fast motion. Why do you take the top edge of toning with both hands and with force pull it down.
  2. The second option involves the gradual removal of the film from the surface of the glass. To do this, you need to slowly pull it towards you with one hand, and gently remove glue with glass with a blade or a thin sharp knife with the other hand.

But in both cases, traces of glue will definitely remain on the glass. Therefore, before you remove the tint yourself, you should prepare everything that is necessary to completely clean the glass from the glue.

How and how is glue removed from tinting?

This will again help you a sharp stationery knife. You can scrape them from the surface of the glass residues of glue. However, the knife may leave behind scratches. Therefore, the best way out in this case is to use special solvents for cleaning glass after tinting, which are sold in any specialized auto shop. 96% medical alcohol and Mr. Muscle are perfect for this purpose.

If there is some glue left on the glasses,then it can be removed with the help of the most ordinary dishwashing detergent, which is previously diluted in warm water.

And the last. Removing tint film yourself, you save about a thousand rubles. Such is the cost of this service in car repair shops. But for rastonirovany heated rear window, it is better to contact the specialists directly, since you can disable it during this operation, damaging the heating filaments.

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