How to remove the brake disc?

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How to remove the brake disc?

Brake discs are one of the most important components of a vehicle's braking system. Each car owner must periodically inspect them, as well as perform some maintenance work (for example, clean wheels from rust). In some situations, you may need to replace these parts, so you need to understand how to remove the brake disc.

Types of discs and their wear

For a start it is worth noting that in the car there are rear and front brake discs. As practice shows, the first wear out much faster. It is drivers who are more often faced with the problem of how to remove the front brake discs.

In this case, it is important to pay attention to the recommendations from the manufacturers of a particular car model. The level of wear of these parts will depend on the operating conditions of the vehicle, your driving style, etc. For example, if a person prefers high-speed traffic, then replacement may be required after eighty thousand kilometers.

Replacing brake discs

Brake diskThe procedure for mounting and dismounting brake discs is standard (with the exception of some minor structural nuances of various models and brands of vehicles). So, remove the brake disc as follows:

  1. We fix a vehicle by means of "shoes".
  2. Lift with the help of a jack the necessary side.
  3. Put the tripod and remove the wheel.
  4. We perform disassembly of the braking system of the operating point (this should be doneBrake diskbefore removing the rear brake disc).
  5. We remove all the dirt from the surface of the caliper and hub (thus, you save yourself from having to replace the bearing).
  6. We unscrew the bolts that attach the brake disc and hub. Please note that at this stage you may need an assistant. He must press the brake and hold the steering wheel securely.
  7. Remove the brake caliper and fasten it (for this you can use ordinary wire) so that it does not damage the hose.
  8. We disassemble the caliper assembly: remove the brake pads, pressure springs, as well as the caliper bracket.
  9. Reliably fix the hub, completely unscrew the bolts and remove the outdated brake discs.

Additionally, it is recommended to install updated brake pads.Replacing discs, without fail, bleed the brakes.

As practice shows, the replacement of brake discs provides not just the high professionalism of the performer, but also the competent choice of the necessary details. For example, the ideal solution is the purchase of discs with perforation. Of course, the issue of buying parts all motorists decide in their own way. However, it is always necessary to give preference to original parts from the official manufacturer.

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