How to register for pregnancy

How to register for pregnancy and why is it needed?

Pregnancy is a joy not only for futureparents, but also for the whole state: the death rates in recent years are much higher than the birth rate, so any new life is fine. After the test showed two strips, many future mothers are thinking about how to register for pregnancy, because few people know about it.

Of course, you can find out about everything from girlfriends whohave already become mothers, but at first women prefer to keep everything a secret until it is clearly for certain. Therefore, it's better to read everything on the Internet, and better - from a specialist. Many women, and even the doctors themselves advise to come to the inspection as soon as possible. The doctor will immediately determine the terms, tell you how to eat, how to change your habitual lifestyle, what to look for, what vitamins to take ... So go to the doctor as soon as you have a question about when to register for pregnancy. After all, in addition to the fact that you get a free high-quality examination of your pregnancy, your future mother will also pay a large sum of money for a child from the state. However, in order to receive these funds, as well as child benefits in the future, you must provide a doctor's certificate. To register, you can only in the clinic at the place of permanent registration.

But it's not only that: it is very important to know in advance whether the fetus develops well or not, whether pathologies are revealed, whether everything passes normally. If not, in the early stages of pregnancy it is easier to take action than at later stages.

How to register for pregnancy? To begin with, the expectant mother must establish the very fact of pregnancy in the gynecologist. After this, the doctor appoints a woman a series of tests, which she must do in the very near future. Then she will need to be examined at the polyclinic on a regular basis. Examination of the gynecologist is prescribed once every seven days, the rest - individually. You do not have the right not to appear.

What documents are needed? Only the passport, which confirms the fact of registration and the policy of compulsory medical insurance. You will receive the certificate of pregnancy already in the polyclinic. All the rest doctors will fill themselves.

Where to register for pregnancy, in privateclinic or state, decide for yourself. However, remember, if the doctors from a private structure watch your pregnancy progress, you risk not receiving any money at all. This is the law.

Why register? The fact is that without this procedure you can not be sure for sure whether your pregnancy is good. And doctors and regular ultrasound can easily find out. But that's not all: the fact is that without taking into account you will not receive any benefits for future mothers, and this is a huge list of services, including expensive drugs. Pregnancy is, of course, not a disease, but vitamins will have to be used much more than in normal life, so this exemption will significantly reduce your spending on medicines. And without taking into account you can not get a generic certificate.

Still think how to register forpregnancy? Just go to the doctor, he will tell you in more detail what to do next. If you are trying to go with a gynecologist, then you know: thus you can cause irreparable harm to your child. By the way, you need to register before the 12th week of pregnancy, otherwise you can really lose all the benefits. The fact is that only during this period it is possible to detect abnormalities in fetal development and take measures. After your pregnancy is registered, you will be given a lot of tests, and you have no right to evade at least one of them - this is indicated in the legislation. A visit to the clinic and service by all doctors is free of charge. If earlier you could not afford to heal teeth at the dentist for material reasons, now, thanks to pregnancy, you can do it for free.

How to register for pregnancy, we briefly described in this article. We hope that this material will help future mothers to realize the importance of the procedure.

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