How to reduce the stomach?

People who are overweight often have a question about how to reduce the volume of the stomach. After all, the smaller the stomach, the less a person needs to eat in order to get enough. And reducing the stomach is considered one of the most effective ways to combat overeating.

How to reduce the stomach without surgery

One of the easiest ways to reduce the size of the stomach is to limit the amount of food eaten in one meal. The transition to fractional food, when food is taken 5-6 times a day in small portions, will contribute to the rapid reduction of the stomach.

The stomach is stretched in those cases when food is in it for a long time, and therefore it is worth remembering the old truth that we have been hammered in since childhood - food must be chewed very carefully. Crushed food does not stay in the stomach for a long time, and therefore it is rather reduced.

It is necessary to drink liquids - tea, coffee, juices - in about an hour and a half after eating. After all, the fluid takes up additional volume in the stomach, and therefore it stretches more strongly.

And one of the most difficult methods of tolerance is medical fasting. The stomach shrinks quickly enough, and after exiting fasting, saturation occurs from the smallest portions of food.

Such affordable methods will help you reduce the volume of the stomach, but it will take a lot of time, patience and self-discipline. For those who want to speed up the process, there are clinical methods for reducing the volume of the stomach.

How to reduce the size of the stomach by clinical methods

The most cardinal clinical method is the excision of part of the stomach. Usually, up to a quarter of the volume is removed. When the wound heals, the person begins to consume much less food. The method, of course, is very radical, but many people resort to it, who are ready to risk their health in pursuit of harmony. Weight reduction will begin almost from the first day after the operation. But there are many drawbacks: long-term recovery of the body, reduction of the digestive ability, and various postoperative complications are not excluded.

There is also a non-invasive way to reduce the stomach. It was developed by an American doctor Tom Lavin.The procedure is performed through the patient’s oral cavity. Special tools are inserted and the lower part of the stomach is sutured from the inside. This way you can get rid of 20% of the original volume. As a result of such manipulations, a decrease in weight to 20–25 kg is observed in patients. within a few months and persistent loss of appetite.

There is another way that is often offered in cosmetic medicine clinics. This is an introduction to the stomach of a balloon with silicone. The balloon fills most of the stomach and when a small amount of food arrives, the brain receives signals of saturation. This method allows you to adjust your weight to an acceptable in a fairly short time. After reaching the desired weight, the implant is removed.

Scientists are developing another method to reduce the volume of the stomach by blocking two proteins that are responsible for the body's ability to grow in size. But this method has not yet been fully tested, did not pass the necessary clinical trials and therefore was not widely used.

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