How to recover word?

Alexander Yakimov
Alexander Yakimov
October 23, 2014
How to recover word?

A malfunctioning operating system, a malicious virus, or a banal fatigue can lead to the removal of a very important document from the hard disk. You shouldn't get very upset about this, because recovering a saved Word file is quite simple. For this purpose, several very effective programs have been developed.

Starus Word Recovery

The small size and speed of work does not prevent Starus Word Recovery from being one of the most effective utilities in its class. It allows you to recover files in both DOC and DOCX, as well as ODT, RTF, DOT and WPD formats. You can download the program on the developer.

Recovery of a Word document with its help proceeds as follows:

  1. run the utility;
  2. in the information window, click "Next";
  3. click on the hard disk partition (or flash drive) on which the deleted file was previously located;
  4. press the "Next" button;
  5. put a dot in front of the item “Quick scan” (if the document was recently deleted) or “Full analysis” (to search for files that have been deleted for a long time);
  6. press the "Next" button;
  7. in the window that opens, click "Next";
  8. in the search results window we put the bird on the found document;
  9. confirm with the button "Next";
  10. choose where to save the file (for example, "Saving to hard disk");
  11. press the "Next" button;
  12. specify the path on the selected media to save the file;
  13. Click the "Restore" button.

The total analysis time depends on the size of the selected partition, the performance of the specific computer and the number of running programs.

If the file you are looking for is not found, you should use not a quick scan, but a full analysis (point 5). To speed up the search on the page in paragraph 7, you can define additional criteria, namely:

  • approximate file size;
  • time of creation, opening or modification of a document;
  • file type (for example, .docx).


Although the Starus Word Recovery utility gives a great chance to recover a deleted document, you shouldn’t delay with this issue. The probability of finding and resuscitating files without errors decreases with each subsequent cycle of recording and formatting. To exclude the likelihood of accidental deletion of a document, it is necessary to protect them with the appropriate attributes and access rights settings.

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