How to read lips?

Elena Sobol
Elena Sobol
December 19, 2012
How to read lips?

Each person has abilities that he does not use in everyday life, as he does not need them. For example, reading lips over the lips - all people have this ability, to one degree or another, but few people use it, because hearing makes this skill, by most people, unnecessary. People who are deaf from birth or as a result of an accident develop this ability and hone it, since it is vital for them. However, lip reading can also be used by ordinary people, for example, when communicating in a noisy, crowded place or on an exam, when it is impossible to speak.

Ways to learn how to read lips

The easiest way to learn lip-reading is to take a few lessons from a deaf-and-dumb teacher who will help you learn this art in class.

Also, learning to read lips can be at home, for this you need to spell the alphabet clearly in front of a mirror. During the lesson, mark the letters that are easy to read - these are B, M, P, etc., and those that are quite difficult to read.After you have worked through the alphabet, proceed to the pronunciation and memorization of combinations of letters. Syllables that are easy to read on the lips: FA, FO, FO, FU, PA, PO, PY, PU, ​​SHA, SHI, SHO, SHU.

After you learn to read the words in front of the mirror, then proceed to the next exercise: to master the science of lip reading will help watching a familiar movie without sound. To simplify the exercise, you can first turn on the recording with subtitles. In addition to simple lip reading, try to hone the ability to read on the face, because the face always reflects the emotions that the speaker is currently experiencing. Comprehensive lip and face reading will help you better understand what is said.

In mastering the art of reading lips you can help home and friends. Ask someone of them every day, not for long, to work with you: to clearly pronounce phrases and sentences with your lips alone, and in the meantime you will try to understand what is said.

Learning to read lips is possible at any place and at any time - on the street, at work, in the dining room, cafe, subway - just by watching people in your field of vision: watch the movements of their lips, their facial expressions and try to “read” what they are talking about.

As a simulator “lip reading” you can use the computer program ReadmyQuips, which consists of audio and video lessons.

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