How to read files?

All users of the personal computer constantly work with files of different extensions. One extension is best for opening official documents, another extension is for opening books, and the third is for opening Internet pages. Each popular file extension is used by an overwhelming number of users on the Internet, because it is convenient and does not incur any difficulties with file manipulations.

For example, the pdf extension is perfect for opening official files, because on any computer the file data is displayed correctly, without distortion. The extensions djvu and fb2 are best suited for opening electronic textbooks and books. Any browser pages have the html extension.

However, not every user knows how to read these files with the help of various programs.

How to read html

Files of html format can be read by any browser installed on your computer. If you do not have a browser installed, you must first download and install it. After that, simply double-click on the html file with the left mouse button and it should open with your browser.If the file does not open, you can drag it into the browser window with the mouse and the browser will open the file itself.

How to read pdf

Files of pdf format can be opened by the three most popular programs.

  • The program is Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is the official program for opening files of this format. You can always download the program for free from;
  • Alternatively, they often use the useful utility Pdf Reader, which can open files of this format. You can download the utility from;
  • Another STDU Viewer utility is capable of opening not only this file format, but also many other files of different formats suitable for books and documents. You can download the program from

How to read fb2

You can open any fb2 file format with a few simple programs and utilities:

  • - This is a very popular program that is free and open source;
  • - program for Russian users, which is distributed free of charge;
  • - the program not only reads the format, but also converts other formats to fb2;
  • - the program reads and edits files in fb2 format;
  • - creates and edits fb2;
  • - reads many formats besides fb2.

How to read djvu

The djvu format is used to store scans of real textbooks and books. Many training materials can be found in this format on the Internet. To open this format almost always use a very useful program DjVu Viewer, which weighs very little and copes with the task.

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