How to quickly learn hypnosis yourself

Everyone knows about the existence of hypnosis. However, only units are interested in how to learn hypnosis on their own. If you belong to this small category of people, today's article will be interesting.

Hypnosis - effects on the human psyche. People who perfectly master this art use special techniques and sound effects to introduce the client into such a state. Exposure brings a short-term cessation of the activity of consciousness, which changes a person’s behavior. Being in such a state, he can execute various commands.

There are three types of hypnosis. Briefly describe each. I note that the impact on consciousness is harmful and useful.

  • Classic hypnosis. It provides for the impact directly on the human mind using clear guidelines and formulations. The classic type of hypnosis is used on the stage and in medicine, helps to normalize sleep,treat phobias and neuroses, fight addictions. The classic version helps to stop drinking and smoking.
  • Covert hypnosis. Implies an indirect impact on the psyche and consciousness. A hidden kind of hypnosis is used in business, advertising, and politics for the sake of a certain benefit.
  • Psychotropic Hypnosis. Based on the use of various narcotic and psychotropic substances and drugs that strongly influence the psyche.

Hypnosis is a procedure in which a person under the influence of drugs and monotonous stimuli immerses in a trance. In turn, trans - focusing on the irritant of an internal or external nature. Being in such a state, a person cannot rationally analyze and control information that penetrates his consciousness.

Where to begin

The reasons why people want to learn hypnosis quickly at home are very different. One likes experiments with consciousness, others are attracted by the pleasant state of trance, which helps to solve problems of a mental nature.

  1. If you really decide to learn hypnosis, first of all understand that when you learn the basics of this art, you put yourself in danger.There is a chance to fall into a trance, from which one cannot get out without the help of an expert.
  2. To achieve the goal, read the thematic material, learn how to strengthen and fix the state of trance. Remember, the ability to fall into a trance without help will only appear with time.
  3. Some people do not need to learn, since they are from birth can hypnotize others on a subconscious level. Remember traders who provoke a customer to buy unnecessary things.
  4. If you want to become a professional hypnotist, believe in your strength. It is recommended to develop this feeling gradually, trying to take care of it as much as possible.
  5. The ability to hypnosis detracts from certain qualities. It is about insincerity, nicotine or alcohol addiction, regular consumption of coffee and other exciting beverages.

You got the first idea of ​​how to learn hypnosis yourself. Over time, accumulate experience and master complex versions of influencing the mind, including suggestion in reality. This technique is similar to magic. With its help, you can hypnotize a person without immersion in a state of sleep, it allows you to penetrate into the subconscious, overcoming the consciousness.

How to learn hypnosis at home

Hypnotic spiral

Hypnosis was born long ago.Previously, he acted as an element of occult science, and now is considered part of psychotherapy. In ancient times, any information relating to the introduction of a person into a trance, was considered secret knowledge owned by elected individuals. Nowadays, everyone can learn to hypnotize people, if he learns how to learn hypnosis at home.

The study of hypnosis at home has many advantages - it allows you to independently set the mode of classes, choose a training system and trance technique.

  • Learn what can prevent learning hypnosis. We are talking about various forms of addiction, unregulated consumption of stimulating drinks, non-permanent activities and lack of faith in one’s own strength.
  • Any specialist must possess certain qualities, and the hypnotist is no exception. The person who is proficient in hypnosis is a restrained and confident person, characterized by the ability to concentrate and control himself.
  • Moving to the goal, develop the listed qualities. In the end, it will have a positive effect on willpower, concentration and self-control.
  • Help speed up learning.Books and prints are sold in specialized stores. It is enough to look into the nearest bookstore and purchase several tutorials.
  • To obtain the result of theoretical knowledge is not enough. Constantly perform exercises of varying difficulty that will help master the skills.

I shared a brief instruction on how to learn hypnosis at home. Before you start to act, decide whether you need such abilities. If you are guided by curiosity, do not get a good result, because it requires perseverance and constancy. However, this will allow you to become smarter and increase intelligence.

If you intend to master the technique of manipulating people, I am afraid that in the end you will be disappointed. The fact is that such skills for a couple with great knowledge are accompanied by great responsibility. Therefore, studying hypnosis, strive for self-development for the benefit of society.

Secrets of hypnosis with eyes

Glance can attract, suppress, bewitch and even burn. Any serious hypnotist is fluent in the technique of hypnosis with eyes.It is safe to say that the view is the strongest instrument of influence.

According to experts, only a person who is able to concentrate, concentrate and transmit thoughts at a distance can hypnotize people with his eyes. This skill does not appear by itself. It should be trained and developed.

The way I hypnotized people, which I will share, in the olden days has gained immense popularity in Europe. Even modern experts use it widely. To master the technique will require patience, perseverance, couch and assistant.

  1. The helper needs to sit comfortably on the couch, and the hypnotist to bend over his head and look into his eyes. All thoughts should concentrate on the dream of an assistant. Carry out the procedure in complete silence.
  2. If you want to master the technique, be prepared for the fact that to achieve the result you will have to sit on the subject's face for several hours. In most cases, the result appears after thirty minutes of exchange of views.
  3. Initially, the assistant can resist. But after a few minutes you will notice that his efforts are gradually weakening. Eventually he will fall into a dream.

Exercise on the technique of concentration of sight

An effective exercise will help speed up learning by hypnosis. On a piece of paper, draw a small circle with a diameter of about three centimeters. Fasten the sheet in front of the eye when you are seated.

Taking a comfortable position on a chair, carefully look at this circle. During the process, imagine that rays come out of your eyes, which are closed in a drawn figure. Continue training until tears appear. Do this exercise for several days in a row.

With this exercise, master the technique of concentrating the eye at a certain point, which is important for achieving the goal. Remember, the focused eye can be felt even by the back. Do not even need to become a psychic.

With the help of tips, tricks and recommendations that I shared, you will become a good hypnotist. To go to a professional league will require a lot of training and not give up.

Hypnosis history

The story of hypnosis is as interesting as the story of the New Year. Therefore, I dedicate the final part of the story to her.

The discoverers of hypnosis - the ancient shamans who lived on the planet many centuries ago.In those days, people widely used the technique of immersion in a trance. This state was used by shamans for various purposes.

With the help of trance they raised the fighting spirit of the soldiers, treated the sick and predicted the future. At the end of the XIX century, the study of phenomena related to hypnosis, has received a scientific character. Among the people who made a huge contribution to the development of hypnosis, there were also scientists from Russia.

The domestic history of hypnosis was accompanied by ups, downs and loud scandals. For example, in the middle of the XIX century, a visiting hypnotist named Gensen was popular. The cost of the session, which was held in a small apartment, was 200 rubles - at that time a lot of money.

Domestic scientists in the field of neurology and psychiatry, who managed to attend specialist sessions, strongly criticized him. Later, public hypnosis was banned by the Medical Council. It was allowed to use the technique only for healing people, provided that another doctor was present at the session.

Since then, the development of hypnosis in our country has slowed down dramatically. According to the patients, they did not seek help from specialists because they had to pay for the services of two doctors at the same time.

Two decades later, the Medical Council overturned the decision to ban public hypnosis. Naturally, since that time, doctors have completely abandoned the use of a technician, because they did not want to risk their own position.

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So you learned, dear readers, how to learn hypnosis on your own. Use tips, read the work of leading hypnotists, and will be able to quickly achieve the goal at home. I hope that you will use these skills for good purposes.

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