How to polish furniture?

Irina Vashchenko
Irina Vashchenko
January 30, 2013
How to polish furniture?

Furniture, like any other household goods, needs careful treatment and careful care. Wipe furniture and collect dust from varnished or polished surfaces should be a piece of soft, clean and dry fabric - flannels or fine cloth. Do not wipe it with a wet rag, water is the enemy of any kind of polishing. Do not put hot objects on polished surfaces, they leave ugly whitish marks. Caring for polished furniture consists of polishing furniture, cleaning and, if necessary, its restoration. Let's talk about each of these points in more detail.

How to polish furniture: tips

Polished furniture can be updated with special polishing pastes sold in hardware stores. This is done as follows:

  1. Wipe the furniture thoroughly with a soft, dry cloth.
  2. Moisten a piece of clean flannel polishing paste. Apply the paste on the polished surface with smooth circular movements and carefully rub it.
  3. Rub the furniture with a dry cloth until the mirror shine appears on it and remove the remains of the polishing paste.

Restoration of polished furniture

  • You can get rid of small scratches on polishing by smearing them with a mixture of red wine and olive oil. It is necessary to wait a little until the liquid is absorbed into the wood, and a good rubbing the surface with a soft, dry rag.
  • Try to mask the small scratches on the dark polish, carefully painting them with an alcoholic solution of iodine and rubbing with furniture wax on top.
  • The stain left by a cup of hot tea can be removed in this way: tie a spoonful of salt in a cotton rag, dip this tampon in vegetable oil and wipe the stain with it until it disappears.

How to clean polished furniture

  1. Sleeping tea is considered a very good tool for cleaning any polished furniture. It should just be drained, wrapped in cheesecloth and this swab to thoroughly wipe the polish. Then wipe the furniture dry with a soft cloth.
  2. Hot stains can be removed by sprinkling them with cigarette ash and rubbing it into damaged areas with a burnt wine cork.After the stains are gone, the ashes must be swept away, and the places where they were are well polished with a cloth rag.
  3. Old stains can be washed off with high-quality gasoline, and then wipe the cleaned areas with a mixture of linseed oil and denatured alcohol, taken in equal quantities. This will help restore shine to polishing.
  4. Somewhat unusual is the people's council, how to clean polished furniture: moisten a piece of suede in cabbage brine and rub all old stains well, then polish the surface with soft flannel.

At the end of our story, it should be noted that the choice of means for cleaning polished furniture and caring for it is not limited to household products, and if you wish, you can buy them at any hardware store.

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