How to overcome fear?

Fear is one of the basic emotions of a person; it accompanies us throughout our conscious life. Fears are diverse, for example, fear of heights, communication or the crowd. They arise constantly, but they can and must be fought, otherwise it will simply be impossible to fully exist. What methods can help fight fear?

Starting small

Immediately get rid of fear is very difficult, so you need to deal with it gradually, performing any actions that are associated with our fear. For example, we are afraid to communicate with people. We start to simply greet them, then ask them general questions (how are things or what's new), and then move on to more personal topics. Gradually solving the problem, we will soon be able to understand how to overcome fear.

We treat the problem condescendingly

Very often, people exaggerate the importance of any element and action in their lives, give it too much importance, although in fact it may be negligible. This makes a person afraid and unsure of himself. Therefore, learning is easier to treat such cases and do not cheat themselves in vain.


Planning your business is certainly good, but only if in moderation.You do not need to constantly scroll in your mind the future of the actions that we have planned, the fear will not go away from this, but on the contrary, it will become even stronger. So we act spontaneously, do more, think less about what we do and how.

We learn by example

If we are afraid because we do not know how to behave properly in certain situations, in this case, we observe how a more experienced, confident person does it. Seeing that there is nothing complicated and terrible in his actions, it will become easier, and we will be able to repeat everything that he did.

Relax the body

In an unpleasant situation for us, our body, as a rule, is very tense, constrained. By relaxing it, we can relax our mind, because the body and the brain can interconnect with each other. Breathe often and deeply, straighten your back, straighten your shoulders. If the body feels confident, then the mind also feels it.

Determine exactly what we want

Before the action that we fear, you need to decide for yourself exactly what we want to get, and whether we really want it. If there is a desire to get a positive result, before a certain action, we think less about the consequences and do not scroll through bad scenarios in our heads and solve this issue.If we don’t really need it, then we’ll actually regret nothing, and we shouldn’t worry about it.

We study the problem

Knowledge is light and power. If we become aware of a problem that used to scare us, fear will certainly disappear, and confidence will come instead. For example, there is the fear of being wrong at work. We study the scope of our activities, our duties up and down. Becoming a professional, we forget about the fear of failure and begin to act more spontaneously.

We become kinder

Talking, for example, with a person who is higher than us in status or position, we experience discomfort and fear. To overcome the barrier, we tune in to the positive, behave more kindly and respectfully, make compliments. It will become easier to communicate and to us the person will be more located. At a minimum, aggression, if it is in adequate condition, it will definitely not show.

Get to know yourself

We do not pay attention and do not take to heart what other people say, because they do not really know anything about us, and sometimes they cannot understand themselves, not like other people. Self-esteem should not depend on the words of outsiders.We ourselves must examine our strengths and weaknesses, accept ourselves as we are. After that, we will begin to act more confidently, without regard to the assessment of other people.


The longer we remain alone with our fear and put up with it, the more it will become every day and deal with it will become even more difficult. We need to take a step towards our fear, and we will understand that in fact it is insignificant and that there was simply nothing to fear. We admit your fear and just begin to act.

Believe in the supernatural

This method is not suitable for everyone, but if there is faith in God, there is a conviction that he will take care of us, if something bad happens to us, then this can certainly help in overcoming this or that fear.

Looking for benefits

Fears prevent us from living fully, you need to stop being afraid. So what do we think about what happens if fears disappear? How will our life change, what will be new in it? What good things will increase in it, and what will be reduced from bad things? We are thinking about the advantages that will come to us when the fear of something leaves. But getting rid of fear carries only advantages; there can be no disadvantages.

We are thinking not only about what we will gain, but also about what we have already lost, succumbing to our weaknesses, and what we will lose if we do not solve the problem right now.

We evaluate these advantages objectively and we immediately want to push our fears away into a corner. So today we tried to figure out how to get rid of fear. Act, learn, look your fear in the eyes and you will definitely succeed. Remember that overcoming fears, you only become stronger, and by staying with them, you will continue to stagnate all your life.

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