How to make weapons from Lego?

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How to make weapons from Lego?

Getting started, make sure that the kit is complete. If you choose a non-special designer for the manufacture of a firing pistol, prepare all the necessary plastic parts, as well as stationery gum. Please note that not all kits that allow people to be made are suitable for your purpose. Below is a detailed instruction on how to make a gun from Lego.

How to make weapons from Lego

Attaching all the details is described from left to right.

Handle manufacturing

  1. Start building the bottom grip. You will need 3 parts of six protrusions (three in a row), lay them in a row, attach from above: vertically - a part with three projections, horizontally - parts with four protrusions, then without protrusions and again vertically with three projections. For each ledge at the end of the site, attach a part with a beveled surface.
  2. Below to the resulting site are attached: first, two parts, beveled at the bottom, then parts with four and two protrusions, and after them two more parts beveled at the bottom.
  3. The next row is performed at the edges of the top of the platform: a part with two protrusions and two through holes; then the six-row part; single lug detail; then with two protrusions and one through hole. Now take the sleeve and single piece with a hole, connect them and put them on the platform. 3 protrusions should remain free from the edge of the ground.Pistol
  4. Repeat the second row on the pad in accordance with the first, just finish it with the part with a beveled top, then go through two rows with deaf details, the first of which will end with the bottom beveled detail, and repeat the first row.
  5. Next, attach the top two parts, bevelled from below (the first is two rows of three projections, the second is single-row with three projections). Complete the row in round detail with deaf details.
  6. The last row of the handle is made like this: on a thin part with three protrusions, planks without protrusions are fastened and this structure is fixed in the center of the right edge of the handle, and the remaining surface is covered with subtle details.Pistol
  7. Now it remains to fill the resulting cavity of the handle: from the bottom up, fasten a four-row piece with three holes at each other (insert the sleeve with the ball at the end into the middle),on it is a blind four-row part, then a single, double and again single with a through hole, attach a thin four-row part and a thin one without protrusions. The whole structure is inserted into the cavity of the handle through the top and is blocked by a long jumper with a sleeve.

The manufacture of the trunk

  1. 7 thin parts with six protrusions (two in a row) lay the long sides to each other. Fasten parts in the middle with no protrusions.Pistolso that the protrusion is left on the right one division.
  2. Take two long parts of the constructor with holes, insert the sleeves into them in the manner shown in the figures. Install them on the prepared site of the trunk.
  3. Attach a couple of parts with bushings to the protrusions left to the end of the platform.
  4. The second row is performed similarly to the first.
  5. Attach the barrel to the handle, and from the bottom go through a row of subtle details, closing the groove.

Making a trigger

  1. The trigger is assembled using two parts with bushings connectedPistollong jumper. These parts are made specifically for the trigger, you also need gears, cross-sleeves and a part that plays the role of a trigger hook.
  2. Connect all the details as shown in the picture, and reinforce the trigger between the handle and the barrel.
  3. Insert a special cartridge belt into the handle.

Making striker, cartridges and connecting parts with rubber bands

  1. The cage is made from a long piece with holes. On top, cover it with strips without protrusions.Pistol
  2. Insert the long cross-shaped axis in the profile into one extreme hole, and attach two bushes on each side to it. Insert the head into the barrel.
  3. Cartridges are four-row parts, closed on top of the parts of the designer without the projections. Install them in the cartridge belt.
  4. One stationery gum is mounted in the handle for the spacer and the sleeve located on the inner surface of the cavity. The second connects the protrusion of the trigger and the parallel protrusion on the trunk. The third is attached to the first bushing of the striker and the ledge at the beginning of the trunk.

Now pull the hammer to the first click and pull the trigger. From the muzzle fly "bullet".

The company "Lego" has a large collection of modular weapons. You can watch a video about it on this page.

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