How to make gif?

Features gif-animation allows you to capture dynamic images, allowing you to display what can not be done in the photo. These are the most magical graphography with which we were introduced to the magical world of "Harry Potter". The topic of this article is how to make gif-animation, which methods and programs exist for this.

Online gif

The fastest and easiest way is to make a gif with the help of a special site To do this you will need an account on Twitter or Facebook, as well as a webcam for filming.

After registering on the site, click the button Shoot a gif. Next, allow the site access to your webcam, select the number of frames and practice what you want to depict in the future picture. Click on the camera icon and write down everything you wanted.

Now under the window with your image you are shown all the frames that were taken. On the right is what a gif came out of. Under the window on the right, you can also select an effect that can be superimposed on the image.

Now click on the “Publish” button, wait a while - and that’s it, your gif-animation is ready. But be careful, all gifs made on this server immediately become public after publication - anyone can see them.This is the easiest and fastest way to make gif online.

Easy gif animator

The easiest and most lightweight gif creation tool is Easy GIF Animator. In it, you can make animated text in the picture, change its size, move the image, and actually create a gif-animation. It should be noted here that gif is a sequential slide show. That is, to make a moving picture, you need to have in advance a set of static pictures that display some kind of action. Such a set of frames can be made using the "multishooting" function.

Now in the program we press the button “Create new animation”, specify all the images that will make up gif, then indicate the duration of each frame and whether the gif will move in a circle. Now we center all the pictures, this is especially important when they are of different sizes. Click "Next" - and that's it, gif-animation is ready!

Next, an editor window opens that tells you how to make gif better, how to correct it, how to add text, frames, and so on.

Gif-animation from video

Suppose you are watching a movie, and at some point you especially like it. But this is not a single frame - but a certain expression of face or action, therefore, an ordinary prince is not suitable for you. Then you should learn how to make a gif-picture from a video.

One of the most popular programs for creating gif images from video is. Its principle of operation is the conversion of a file from a video format to a gif-format. To do this, follow a few simple steps:

  • Open the file with the video.
  • Select a gif-format for the output file, specify the folder in which it will be saved.
  • Start the video, mark the beginning and end of the future gif-image.
  • Convert image.

In this way you can make an infinite number of gifs from any video files.

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