How to make Coca-Cola at home. Multiple Recipes

Undoubtedly, the secret of producing the originalThe drink is kept by the producers themselves in the deepest secrecy. Of course, this is a commercial secret, something like a military one, which can not be opened to anyone under any circumstances and circumstances. But today we will be in the role of culinary agents 007, spies, revealing the secret of how to make Coca-Cola at home with their own hands, what ingredients to take for this purpose, how to mix correctly, to get an identical to taste to make a cola cola at home using your own hands

A bit of history and theory

As you know, Coca-Cola is recognized as the most famousand an expensive brand in the world among manufacturers of carbonated beverages (according to international research agencies 2005-2015). The drink itself is sold successfully in more than 200 countries. According to the official legend, Coca-Cola was invented in Atlanta (USA) in 1886. The main ingredients of the original recipe included coca leaves (the very ones that produce the drug!) And the nuts of the cola tree growing in the tropics. In the beginning, the drink was sold at the pharmacy, and it was bought rather weakly (the revenue of the first year of sales was only $ 50). And already in 1902 the drink becomes the most famous in the USA. Subsequently, coca leaves in fresh form were not added as part of the fight against cocaine in the country. Still from known components - a caffeine and a caramel dye, cinnamon and lime, vanilla and orange oil. They say even a certain amount of to make coca cola at home recipe

General recommendations

Consider and we today, how to make a Coke inhome conditions. The ingredients that we use, of course, have nothing to do with coca leaves. But to your taste, we assure you, it will not be worse than the well-known original composition. There are several ways to make Coca-Cola at home. All drinks are delicious. Let's consider to make coca cola at home ingredients

How to make Coca-Cola at home. Recipe # 1

For this recipe you will need: 100 g of chicory dry ground (as for decaffeinated coffee), a small bottle of rose hips and syrup, blueberries, sugar and a half liter of the simplest drinking carbonated water (not salty).

Pour from the bottle one glass of soda. In a bowl, pour three large spoons of chicory. Then - 5 spoons with a glass of sugar. Two tablespoons of rose hip syrup. One large spoonful of bilberry syrup. Fill a glass of soda and mix thoroughly, so that both chicory and sugar are completely dissolved. We filter the resulting mixture through a layer of gauze folded in half. The mixture-filling a little, a thin trickle we begin to pour back into the bottle with soda water. Only to do it it is necessary accurately, as at strongly fast transfusion the dense foam which gets out of a bottle is formed. After a complete transfusion of the filling mixture into the bottle, the water in it acquires a "coca-cola" characteristic color, quite close to the original. Here's how to make Coca-Cola at home. Everything is pretty simple, and the ingredients are quite affordable. So, we go to the nearest supermarket, buy the necessary and prepare, for example, for a children's holiday (at once five bottles).

To drink it is desirable chilled and at once, as atlong-term storage of gas quickly evaporates, leaving just a sweet little delicious vodichku. A maximum of half a day in the refrigerator. In general, such a Coca-Cola is good at parties, and at all kinds of holidays, arranged for children, as an alternative to the to make a cola cola at home

How to make Coca Cola at home № 2

Probably everyone has their own ideas about tasteof this drink. Because the below mentioned in its composition is significantly different from the previous version, but also delicious. Actually, it's not even the drink itself, but the cocoa-cola syrup from which it can be cooked. This syrup is stored in the refrigerator for a long time, which also differs from the aforementioned drink.

We will need: one liter of pure water, one lemon, lime, orange, two tablespoons of lemon peel (grate on a grater), a little cinnamon, on the tip of a nutmeg knife, a kilogram of sugar, vanilla on the tip of a knife, a third of a glass of Heinz BBQ sauce.

We start cooking. A liter of water is poured into a container, we pour in spices and zest. Then stirring, pour all the sugar until completely dissolved and cook (do not boil!) In the shallowest fire for very long. Remove from the fire, pour in the juice of lime, lemon, oranges. Add vanilla extract and Heinz BBQ sauce. We mix everything again and cool it. When the mixture cools down, strain on a double gauze. The syrup is ready. Finally we cool it in the refrigerator. Before serving on the table in a glass, throw a few ice cubes, pour half a cup of syrup and half a glass of soda without additives or soda.

How to make Coca-Cola at home for adults: add a few glasses of good whiskey in the same glass.

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How to make Coca-Cola at home. Multiple Recipes How to make Coca-Cola at home. Multiple Recipes How to make Coca-Cola at home. Multiple Recipes How to make Coca-Cola at home. Multiple Recipes How to make Coca-Cola at home. Multiple Recipes How to make Coca-Cola at home. Multiple Recipes How to make Coca-Cola at home. Multiple Recipes How to make Coca-Cola at home. Multiple Recipes