How to make an effective brochure

If you want to attract a lot of people in a short timenumber of potential customers, the booklet production will become an irreplaceable assistant! How to make an advertising book interesting and readable, how to interest people with the services or products offered? There are simple, but very effective rules, which designers use all over the world.

Advertising booklet is a bright colored sheetpaper, often folded in the form of a rectangle or square. An interesting feature is that it is made without the use of fastening elements - staples, firmwares, glue.

Now let's look at several steps necessary to ensure that the advertising booklet is really qualitative, interesting and readable.

design of advertising bookletsStep one:Determine the purpose of the booklet

Information leaflets describe any goods or programs.

Sellers offer to purchase any product, and not necessarily in a direct form - for example, it may be an offer to go to an advertising site in order to obtain additional information.

Image makers form an opinion about a company with a view to using these services in the future.

Step two:We make the advertising book interesting and beautiful


In order for the booklet not to go to the basket, butremained in use by the consumer, you need to write something in it that will be really interesting to read. For example, advice, non-standard application of products, little-known facts.

advertising bookletDesign of advertising booklets

Much better than a text a person perceivesvisual information. Therefore, no matter how interesting your advertising booklet is, you must add a couple of illustrations, complementing the text. Then its readability and attractiveness will increase at times.


The average person determines the degree of interesttext in five seconds. Half of this time goes to read the title, half to view the images. Therefore, the title of the booklet should, if not to strike the person on the spot, then at least to interest him in such a way that he continues reading.

Building sentences

It is very important that the target audience bethe widest possible - that even a sixty-year-old pensioner, picking up the booklet, understood what was going on in it. In other words - everything should be painted very simply and with minimal use of technical vocabulary or complex turns.

how to make an advertising bookletContact Information

And now, the moment of truth has come. A person read your booklet and penetrated the content to the point that he decided to purchase your product. Now you need to provide him with the same maximally simple information on how to get to your office / store. Here, too, do not need to be wise - give a simple plan of action to the person: call, come, come, ask, read.

Step Three:We distribute the booklet

Now decide on the place of distribution of booklets. Are there people who are potentially interested in purchasing your goods or services? It is obvious that offering services, for example, a notary, will be appropriate somewhere closer to the city center, and not in the market.

So, a good promotional booklet should beinteresting, colorful, readable, understandable, relevant. In the absence of at least one of these criteria, the owner of the booklet, most likely, throws it into the garbage can, without reading it.

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