How to make an advertisement?

Advertising is the engine of commerce, these are not just words, this is a completely truthful statement. If a businessman produces any product, then he will not benefit from it if he cannot sell it. And to sell, you need to find potential buyers. To do this personally is very difficult. A person’s circle of acquaintances is not so large as to ensure sales for many years. Therefore, it is simply necessary to advertise in all possible media and on other media. But even placing an advertisement, there is no guarantee that buyers will line up in the queue, it all depends on the content of the advertising information. Therefore, it is very important for every businessman to know how to make advertising quality. Otherwise, you will still throw money away, and not to attract customers.

What advertising media to use

You can place ads anywhere. The media can be different: print (newspapers, magazines, leaflets, brochures, booklets, books, almanacs, etc.), electronic (TV, radio). Internet publications are now increasingly registered as mass media, but the majority so far remain just websites, servers, and Internet resources.Also, advertisements are all kinds of designs - banners near the road, standard sizes 3 by 6 meters, banners on the walls of houses, and on other surfaces. For many years, stands and signs in stores, salons, points of sale, that is, premises have been recognized as very effective advertising. And the performance of word of mouth is in the lead, that is, recommendations of relatives, friends, and friends. Now there are also a lot of video courses with recommendations on how to make advertising on the Internet, both free and paid. Such advertising on effectiveness from year to year shows all the best results. If you are interested in how to make advertising on the server, then you need to understand that this is advertising on the game server. And if you are not very good at this, then it is better to hire specialists.

Target audience determination

If you decide where to invest money, what kind of advertising to do, then you need to do one study that will help you determine your most suitable advertising media. Advertising must find a consumer of your product. And what is this consumer? Who basically buys your product? Suppose you sell expensive teas.Who basically buys such tea? They are women, because they are mainly engaged in the purchase of products in stores. They are wealthy women, because tea is expensive. These are wives of wealthy husbands (mostly). Consequently, they are married, most often they sit at home and keep house and raise children. Here is a beautiful picture. What do these ladies do when they don’t go to the store? That's right, they pop around the kitchen, listening to the radio with melodious music, watching television with romantic films, which are popularly called TV shows. They rarely read newspapers and look at banners on the roads. They can still see a big beautiful poster in the store.

But there is another type of advertising medium that such women unconditionally trust - glossy magazines. So it turns out that you need to place an advertisement for expensive tea in the glossy magazine “The Best Friend”, on the TV channel “Super Series”, on the radio station “Music Romantic”. And all other carriers will only help you to qualitatively disperse your funds through the air. By the way, the question of how to make free advertising, the audience of housewives is very useful.They are the brightest representatives of the word of mouth.

Advertising content

And now consider how to make the right advertising. One simple rule will help you to learn how to make competent and very effective advertising. In the commercial, message, module, banner, you should not praise your product, and especially you personally, and such businessmen are not so rare. You need to talk about the benefits that your potential consumer will receive if he buys your product or uses your service. Do not just tell you how wonderful the Snow White toothpaste is, but how magically to live without a toothache, if you brush your teeth every day with the wonderful Snow White. Feel the difference? Not just how tasty fruits are in yogurt, but how health will flourish if there is a fermented milk product rich in vitamins. And so it is possible to praise any product. Still in advertising is an easy presentation of information. The abstruse philosophical images and comparisons supposedly affecting the subconsciousness of the average person, in general, do not fulfill the functions assigned to them in terms of increasing sales.

All these tips will tell you how to make advertising effective, the main thing is not to forget them, but to use them.You can now easily check for literacy the work of creators from an advertising agency who was hired to make advertising.

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