How to make a slide?

Tatyana Getmanets
Tatyana Getmanets
January 15, 2013
How to make a slide?

Well, how can you imagine a Russian snowy winter without a real slide ?! By the way, she is a joy not only for children, but also for adults. On the hill you can have fun riding, standing, and on ice-sledges that are comfortable in our time. How to make a slide in your yard so that children squeal with it all day? It turns out that to build this primordially Russian fun a lot of mind and physical costs are not needed.

Slide in the yard

Naturally, for the construction of a hill you need a large amount of snow and frosty weather. Then, you need to choose a convenient and safe place to create a slide. It should "grow" away from the roadway and, preferably, not rest against the sides of the access door and all kinds of buildings.

It is the best of all to do a hill by the amicable company - one snow carries, another works with a shovel, the third snowdrifts put on a ram. So work will get going, and things will go faster. So, how to make a slide with your own hands? Just.

First you need a large wide spade. The next step is to apply snow, the more the better.It is necessary to decide for whom the slide is built. If for small children, then it should not be too high. And the width of the hill, as they say, is made “to taste” - from one meter to two. Well, and on the length of this snowy creation you can not save - all five meters! If, of course, the free space around the hill allows the "builders" to swing like that.

How to make a children's slide without steps? No way, because the steps of the hill are necessary. They are made from its highest side. As for the sides, then you should not particularly focus on them, since they can be done only later, when the slide will be flooded with water.


So, the main part of the construction of the roller coaster is completed, now the most crucial one is pouring. Slide poured cold water from a hose, but you can actively use watering cans and buckets. Only the steps do not need to be poured, otherwise then you cannot climb the hill by them.

How to make a snow slide so that it is smooth and slippery? It is necessary not to be lazy and fill it at least three times. In order for the slide to be thoroughly frozen, without unnecessary tubercles and dents, it must be constantly leveled and smoothed with a wide shovel.

It is recommended to fill the slide in the evening. At night, she will freeze, and in the morning the children will have fun with her. You can ride on a regular cardboard, so to speak, in the old fashioned way, or use modern ice-sleds for greater speed. Winter without a hill, like summer without a beach. Gorka is real Russian fun, which cheers everyone and makes the cold season desirable and festive.

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