How to make a rakolovka?

Catching crayfish has always been popular. After all, crayfish is not only tasty and healthy seafood, but also for many - the main way to make money. Of course, those who earn their living this way, buy a rakolovka, but what should those who do not have the opportunity to buy crayfish, but madly like them in their pure form, or dishes made from them, do? In addition, as you know, the most exquisite dishes are prepared from seafood, namely, from crayfish. So, you will be able to please the entire family with various kitchen innovations. So, in this article we will talk about how to make a shrivel with your own hands.

Making crabs do it yourself

For a start, we note that the design, as well as the method of cracking, is quite simple and does not take much time. It consists of a wire ring, a mesh sack, and a cord tied to it, for lifting and lowering into water. By adhering to all the steps of cracking, presented below, you will not have any difficulty and you will avoid mistakes.


  • Stainless steel wire with a diameter of 4 mm;
  • Nylon cord;
  • Nylon thread;
  • Shuttle;
  • Fishing del with cells 2 cm;
  • Styrofoam.
  • Electric welding.
  • File.


Consider step by step the process of making crabs with your own hands

  • We take a steel wire and bend it into a ring with a diameter of 700mm. After that, the ends are welded by electric welding. Further, the ends are processed with a file, since they should not be sharp. Indeed, in this case, they can break the kapron thread, which plays an important role in the manufacture of crabs.
  • We take the fishing del and cut out the so-called "kerchief" of the size we need.
  • Making a sack 25cm deep. But you can do it deeper, in this you define the dimensions yourself.
  • We take a nylon thread and a shuttle, with which we sew a “kerchief” to the wire ring, after which we sew the sack.
  • Now we take three pieces of cord and tie them to the ring, we also tie a nylon thread with a hook, the main cord with a float in the form of foam.

Useful tips

Speaking about how to make a rakolovku, we also note that the float must be oblong in shape and painted in red or blue.By the way, the bait can be different, not only from foam, but also from rye bread, oilcake and other products. So in this matter you can be creative, or just go to the fishing store and buy separately for your taste and color. And the length of the cord, with the help of which we will lower, and raise the shrapnel, is done in accordance with the depth of the reservoir of your choice.

As you can see, making rakolovok is quite a simple procedure and will take no more than an hour and a half if we talk about the first such work. In the subsequent manufacturing process will take no more than 45 minutes. In addition, it should be said that such craven crafts made with their own hands, much better than the store, as you make them for themselves. As a result, they are more comfortable, and much stronger. As for the very use of a cracker, for those who are engaged in such a case for the first time, we note that it should be left in the pond at night and taken in the morning. Most often come across not only crayfish, but also fish, so your dinner will be much more diverse than you can imagine.

Now you know all the details of how to make a rakolovka. A video on this topic will never be superfluous, as there are new ways of making various models of shell shells and parts for them.And if catching crayfish for you is a frequent occupation, then do not be lazy to look at such materials and resort to innovations that will make your catch much richer and the process itself is even more interesting and entertaining. Since this type of hobby carries not only the desire to get a big catch, but also to have fun in this way, because this is an exciting activity.

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