How to make a pedicure yourself

Slender, beautiful, well-groomed legs - the main thingthe dignity of any representative of the weaker sex. In order for the legs to look truly divine, you need to do a pedicure. This is a very expensive pleasure, but I want to look spectacular and irresistibly every day. How to act in this situation? Where to make a pedicure?

It is not necessary to go to the salon and pay a fairly decent amount for this. We will tell you how to make a pedicure accurately and correctly.

How to make a pedicureBefore proceeding to the procedure, carefullyexamine your feet and assess their condition. If on the legs there are deep cracks, ingrown nails or painful calluses - then without the help of a specialist you will not be able to do without. But with small corns and natoptyshes you can manage yourself.

How to make a pedicure at home?

1.Take a deep bowl or buy a special whirlpool in the store. Fill the container with warm water until about the middle. Add a little sea salt, essential oils and a liquid soap with a pleasant scent.

Where to make a pedicure2.Immerse the clean legs in the water, sit back and relax. Sit in silence for fifteen minutes. How to make a pedicure as pleasant and useful as possible? To achieve a better relaxing effect, put beautiful sea stones in the water and turn on melodic, relaxing music.

3.After the skin on the legs becomes soft, treat coarser and hardened areas with a pedicure grinder with the addition of scrub or peeling. The aged corns should be cut off neatly with manicure cutters specially designed for this purpose. They can be purchased at any store that specializes in selling cosmetic accessories.

4. Now you can go to your fingers. Gently push the cuticle off with a special wooden stick, then cut it with a manicure scissors.

5.With gentle movements, pat the feet with a towel and podpilite marigolds, giving them a neat shape. If you have enough time, you can make a wrap from masks that are prepared easily and quickly.

Make a pedicure

6. Remember that an easy relaxing massage will benefit not only your legs, but the whole body. Apply a fat cream on the surface of the feet and massage by pressing on various points.

7. The final step of the procedure will be the application of lacquer. Dry your feet well, degrease your nails and cover them with a thin layer of varnish. To achieve a more saturated color, several layers are required.

In addition to classic edged pedicurethere is an unedged, or so-called hardware. The latter refers to a gentle way to care for feet. However, it will require a special manicure device, equipped with a variety of nozzles in the form of saws and grinders.

Now you know how to make a pedicureyourself. After this simple procedure, your legs will be beautiful and well-groomed, and the gait will become light and airy. A little training, diligence and skill will make you a professional in this business.

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