How to make a paper heart?

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How to make a paper heart?

Paper is a versatile material for creating handmade products. A handmade heart is a great gift for expressing your sympathy. It can also be used to decorate a gift or as an element of interior decoration. In our article we will look at how to make a heart out of paper.

Wicker heart

  1. Take two sheets of paper in different colors of A4.
  2. Fold them in half lengthwise and cut perpendicular to the bend into two parts.
  3. From the side of the bend, not completely cut the halves into two equal parts.
  4. Begin to weave a heart: a strip of one color is inserted into a strip of a different color and vice versa, and so alternate the stripes further.
  5. Trim the tips to form a heart.
  6. On top of the resulting heart, you can glue a loop of paper or cloth. A small surprise can be put inside the heart, for example, a postcard or sweets.

Surround heart

  1. On a piece of colored paper draw hearts of different sizes.
  2. Cut them.
  3. Cut the middle between the "tubercles" of the heart.
  4. We cut the edges of the cuts back and fasten them with glue.
  5. We press on the middle of the heart, so that the figure becomes more voluminous.
  6. Received hearts can be attached to the wall with double-sided tape. They are also suitable for decorating handmade cards and gift wrapping.

Paper ornament

  1. We take 4 sheets of cardboard paper in different colors.
  2. Cut off 9 strips of different lengths 5 cm wide each. Three strips 25 cm long, two - 32 cm, two - 40 cm and two more strips 50 cm long.
  3. We put the obtained strips one on top of another: we start with a small one and end with a large one; we use one strip of each color. You should have one strip of different colors.
  4. Then put another small strip on top of a 50-centimeter strip of paper. This strip will be central.A heart
  5. Then we fold the remaining strips of paper on top of the folded ones in the reverse order, i.e. the long one will be at the bottom, and the short one at the top.
  6. We fasten strips with a stapler: fasten 12.7 cm from the bottom of the folded paper in the center.
  7. Then we bend four strips of paper to the right side, and four from the reverse side to the left. The middle strip remains straight.
  8. We fasten bent pieces of paper together with a stapler.We also add staples to the core of the heart to give it the correct shape.
  9. With the help of the hole punch, we make a small hole in the central piece.
  10. Make a loop with a thick thread.

Filled heart

  1. Fold two sheets of A4 paper in half.
  2. On the one hand we draw a half of the heart, the middle of it should be on the fold.
  3. Cut out the resulting hearts, there should be two of them.A heart
  4. We decorate both halves of hearts on one or two sides. This can be done with pieces of paper, cloth, glitter, beads, stickers or patterns.
  5. We put two hearts together, they must be the same size.
  6. Along the perimeter of the hearts near the edge with a thick needle we make small holes.
  7. On the third we sew the heart with a thick shiny thread.
  8. Fill the heart with cotton wool, napkins or other improvised means.
  9. We sew up heart to the end.

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