How to make a money tree?

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How to make a money tree?

Money tree attracts prosperity to the house, so this Chinese souvenir can be seen in the homes of many people. There are quite a few variations of this talisman, but all of them are designed to attract wealth to the house. Money tree can be made even independently. Consider several options for its manufacture of various materials.

How to make a tree of bills?

To make a money tree at home, you will need the following materials:

  • foam ball as a base;
  • wooden stick;
  • clay pot;
  • foil;
  • gypsum;
  • various accessories;
  • Pva.

First make a crown of the future money tree. To do this, cut out the foamTreeball of any size. Now roll each bill into a bag and fix the edges with glue. The number of money leaves will depend on the size of the ball basis. You can also create a curly crown, to do this, fold the notes in accordion. Bend the tip of the banknote into the base with pins.Do not skimp on the leaves, because the more they will be, the more effective the tree will look.

Next, wrap the future trunk, which will serve as a wooden stick, with foil and insert one of its ends into the base of the crown. Now insert the second end into a flower pot, which will need to be filled with a plaster mix. You can decorate the crown of the tree with artificial green leaves. Trees and red ribbons are welcome in the decor, because this color attracts wealth according to feng shui. You can also stick notes with wishes on bills, so you will attract even more money to your house.

How to make a money tree from coins?

You can make a money tree from coins. Its production is quite a laborious process, so for a common understanding it is better to watch the video or find step by step photos. So, for the talisman height of 12 cm will require the following materials:

  • natural stones, preferably corresponding to your zodiac sign;
  • 8 Chinese coins with a square hole in the middle;
  • copper wire;
  • pot;
  • gypsum;
  • floral ribbon brown.

Cut the wire into pieces of 15 cm. Then weave 1 coin and 3 pebbles into each piece.As a result, you get twigs. When you're done with them, wrap them in a ribbon, connecting them together. As a result, you get 7 main branches, collect themTreethe main trunk, wrapping it with a ribbon. Now put the barrel in a pot of plaster and wait until the material hardens. That's it, the money tree is ready.

In the decoration of the tree, you can use beads. It is easy enough for them to replace natural stones; then the work will not be so voluminous, but it will look very nice. You can also tie red ribbons to the trunk and twigs. This color activates the talisman, and the money will come to you faster.

There is one more variant of the money tree - to grow it. Of course, you will have to take care of it all the time, but as it grows, your income will grow, so you can say that it is a great talisman for attracting wealth.

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