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How to love yourself

To love yourself, you first need to understand who I am.Because you need to love yourself and not someone else. Sometimes people think that “I” are some kind of my social roles, for example, or my sensual pleasures. It is a part of a person, but not the whole person. Therefore, you need to understand who I am, in order to love him, and not someone else.Personality is manifested through purpose.

That is, the body itself is female or male - it is not a person.Personality is the spirit of activity.That is, this is my way in this world, my destination. Love need destination. Love your business in this world - this is love for yourself. That is, if I lie on the couch and love myself, can I call it love of myself? You can try, but disgust will come very quickly. That is, a person is not a body lying on a sofa.

Personality is not pleasure. Personality is a destination.

And now you need to understand what a woman’s purpose is. The nature of the wife, the nature of the mother.Mother is a disinterested heart, loving, willing to serve for the good of others - this is the nature of the mother. A wife is one that gives strength to a man.It is a woman who gives strength to a man. A woman gives this inspiration to a man. Than? By faith in him.

That is, when a woman sees some strong qualities of a man and she has faith, then a man spreads wings behind his back. And he can do a lot of good things in this world if he feels the support of a woman. This is how a woman serves the world. You need to love your vocation, purpose. So comes happiness.

The nature of a woman is a relationship.And the modern family, as it is understood in the modern world, it does not give a relationship. Because the modern family in this world is a man, a woman, and one, two or three - these are children at best. A woman wants a relationship much more.

The nature of a woman is to communicate, to enter into relationships, therefore a woman needs a society.

Women do not go to work to earn money. It may seem to them, but they mostly want relationships, communication. They can not sit at home alone.In this sense, women need to cooperate with each other - to raise children together, to take an active part in charitable, social, educational programs - this is the natural nature of a woman, in which she realizes herself as a person. If you begin to develop talents and abilities that were hidden for some reason, you can change for the better not only yourself, but the world around you.

A woman is a relationship in the family and then in society.Happiness comes when I accept my role that God gives me.

Selfless activity in society.

Work can be any, but it is important that the woman had a relationship, family, disinterested activity in society. Here a woman will find happiness. Work, if there are talents that you want to realize, this is normal. But again - not for the sake of self-interest, not in order to reap the benefits, but in order to serve others, in order to do something good for the world. This is the nature of man and the nature of women in particular.

Money gives the universe. When a person acts for the good of the world - the whole world protects him.And prosperity will come - everything will come. This is the law of the universe.

The nature of personality is selfless love.

That is, before you love yourself, you first need to know who I am. Need knowledge. How does a teenager or person know themselves? People read books on philosophy, look for mentors, listen, learn, and in the process of this training they begin to recognize themselves deeper. Here is the process. Knowledge is needed, mentors are needed, an example of realized personalities.

In order to know oneself, one has to serve others selflessly, because the nature of the personality is selfless love. It needs to manifest. And when I show it, I know it. For example, how a woman knows her maternal nature.

But when a woman begins to take care of a child, she naturally cognizes her nature.Therefore, it is impossible to know oneself theoretically; one must enter the sphere of mission, responsibility, and selfless service to others.This will manifest the whole nature of the personality.

Personality is unselfish love.This is a life-long way.

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