What do snowdrops look like?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
April 17, 2013
What do snowdrops look like?

Long since in the culture of Europeans, the snowdrop is a symbol of hope. It all started with Adam and Eve. According to the old legend, the snowdrop became for them the embodiment of hope after they were expelled from the Garden of Eden. The look of snowdrops was influenced by an angel who helped Eve. When she was desperate that the cold winter would never end, he appeared and turned all the snowflakes into blossoming snowdrops. After that, Eve had hope for the arrival of heat, spring and sun.

How to distinguish snowdrops

These flowers in the spring give us a charge of cheerfulness, help to avoid despondency and uplifting. Only one genus of botanic galantus is called snowdrops. Their flowers hang on the peduncles like a droplet. Petals are arranged in two circles, while the inner ones are much shorter than the outer ones. Snowdrops also have characteristic bluish narrow leaves. They resemble a thick lawn grass, and therefore merge with it after they fade.

It seems that such an unusual plant, with any other can not be confused.However, it is not. Confused it, for example, with lilies of the valley. But in lily of the valley flowers have a clear bell shape. Most often, the snowdrop is confused with the white flowers in spring. It is easily distinguished by its bell-shaped flowers, having 6 petals of the same size, and yellowish specks on their tips.

Together, these plants are not side by side. Snowdrop likes shading and loose fertile soil. And the white flower is unpretentious, any non-acidic earth is suitable for it, so long as there is moisture and sun. Therefore, the snowdrop grows most often on tree trunks and bushes. He also loves stony compositions in the shade of coniferous creeping plants. White flowers are also found on the shores of water bodies. It can be found in the valley and flower beds with good lighting and wet soil.

After reading this article, you will not be confused with flowers snowdrops. Photos of these beautiful plants are able to lift people mood all year round. Their photos are always associated with the coolness of freshness and the return to a new and pure life and endless, immense happiness.

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