How to look older?

“I wish I could look older!” - such a thought comes to mind of many teenagers who want to appear older, smarter and more attractive. Then some time passes, and those same boys and girls who dreamed of “growing old” a little already think how to preserve their youth longer. Do you recognize yourself or your friends? Man constantly wants what he does not have. Maybe it is better to enjoy the pleasures of your age, because everything comes in due time? Let's not turn experiments with age into the main goal of our lives, so that later we will not be disappointed.

But if there is a desire to sometimes look a little older, then there is nothing bad in it. The main thing is to do everything in moderation. How to look older than his age girlfriend or boyfriend? Let's talk about it.

How to look older girl

We work on ourselves in two directions: appearance and mind. As for appearance, here it is necessary to pay attention to the hair, makeup and clothes.

  • Hairstyle - hair is better than medium length or moderately short, dark in color, without bangs.Light strands, curls, long hair or too short, voluminous bangs - all this makes it younger. To look not only older, but also more beautiful, make a stylish haircut (for example, a bob) at a good hairdresser and support it. Dark hair does not mean black, because black is not for everyone. Ask a hairdresser to choose a shade of hair a few shades darker for you and dye your hair.
  • Makeup - lipstick saturated dark tones (brown, red, crimson and their shades), mascara - black, blush - dark or bronze (cheekbones), eyeshadow - dark tones (brown and gray gamma). Makeup should be non-defiant and harmonious. If you brightly paint your eyes, it is better to apply a gloss or lipstick of a pastel shade on the lips. If the lips are brightly highlighted, then the eyes should be made up at a minimum. All together - vulgar, stupid and repulsive!
  • Clothing is preferable to “non-youthful”, classic cut: trousers, skirts, dresses, jackets. Nice will be beautiful blouses and shirts in a simple style, the image will be complemented by scarves and scarves, stylish but strict earrings and rings, high-quality watches.

A bronze tan (do not overdo it!), A “feminine” fragrance, high heels shoes will help to look older. Do not forget to become an adult, not only in appearance, but also in behavior.Calm tone, confident look, even, loud voice, the ability to listen to the interlocutor, knowledge in many areas - what you need. You have to become a good conversationalist and interesting person who has an opinion, knows a lot and knows how.

How does a guy look older

The guy makes the older and more attractive pumped figure, so now the gym is your best friend! You can also go to the solarium - a beautiful male figure with tanned skin looks great!

Make a stylish men's haircut, buy a good men's perfume. Dress in a business style is not advised, if the figure and appearance do not allow. So you will look funny. It is better to choose stylish modern men's clothing for your age. It is better to choose colors dark or neutral. Avoid bright prints, cheap fakes. Clothing does not have to be expensive, but it must necessarily be selected with taste and only emphasize its merits.

Avoid sportswear if you are not involved in sports. Hoods, sweaters with zippers, "kengurushki" strip, sportswear and sneakers leave for the hall.Adult men are able to pick up clothes, respectively, about. Learn and you. Casual version: sweaters, shirts, vests, pants or dark jeans.

The style is largely manifested in the details, and therefore do not spare the money for good gloves, a stylish men's scarf and wallet.

And of course, as in the case of girls, reinforce your appearance with your behavior. We also recommend that many people be interested, constantly improve, learn something new, learn to be a good conversationalist. Develop yourself as a person, and then everything will be fine!

Now you know how to look older. And yet again I want to say that you should not spend your entire youth on this desire. After all, youth is so unique, and when it passes, you will look older anyway, but it will be impossible to return the charm of teenage years. Learn to enjoy your life, your age and your appearance, and then you will be truly happy.

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