How to live with a girl?

Alena Mikhailova
Alena Mikhailova
September 23, 2014
How to live with a girl?

When the lovers have a candy bouquet period, they begin to think about living together. Often at this stage, relationships and romance are broken about life and routine. This is often the fault of the guy, because not everyone knows how to live with a girl. Avoid mistakes will help our advice.

How to start living with a girl?

If you have just moved into the apartment with a girl, try to furnish her, taking into account common tastes. It is necessary to make your love nest comfortable, cozy and pleasing to the eye. Do not neglect the advice of her beloved, and if she wants to change something, help her in this.

Assign responsibilities

To avoid a dispute over trifles and live normally with a girl, try to distribute household duties when entering the apartment. For example, if a girl has taken over the cooking, then your responsibility may be washing the dishes, taking out the garbage, cleaning. Many representatives of the stronger sex consider all this a purely female occupation, but this is not so.It will be unpleasant for a girl to take on all her life, after a few months she will feel like a service staff, soon she will get tired of it, and she will leave you.

Intimate talk

Before you start living with a girl, try to talk heart to heart. It is best to sit down and make a list of what you like and what does not. After that you can take turns reading your notes, discuss them. Surely you will see possible future problems. Now is the time to make sure that they do not arise.

Make a list of rules that would not infringe on any of the parties, and try to follow them in the future. Thus, in the future you will have a minimum of conflicts on a domestic basis, which means that relations will be more harmonious.

Keep romance in relationship

So that the routine does not kill the romance in the relationship, you need to try to keep it. Arrange your beloved for romantic evenings, invite her to the cinema, theater, opera. Discuss what you see, try to spend more time together. Give small gifts, let it be a bouquet or a box of chocolates.

These simple tokens will necessarily affect the relationship in a positive way. The girl will always feel loved, surrounded by care and attention.Thanks to such trifles, it will be possible to maintain a trusting relationship, and love and mutual understanding will reign in your new family.

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