How to learn to sell?

At one time I studied a lot of textbooks and articles on the art of sales, but almost nowhere does not contain specific recommendations on how to learn to sell, more precisely, how well to sell. However, it is the recommendations given in the article that are most important for understanding sales techniques. Follow them, and you will succeed, as thousands of people around the world do.

How to learn how to sell

First of all, let's understand how sales take place and what is their essence. And the essence is very simple: we give goods, services, as well as knowledge and skills in exchange for something else and seek the most favorable conditions for ourselves. That is, we want the other person to give us something (and not necessarily money) or do something for us. A very simple consequence follows from this: it is necessary to create such conditions so that a person agrees to give us what we need. But how to do that? There are several ways from which we immediately eliminate manipulations. Notice that I mean rough manipulations,because you can’t do anything without manipulation in sales, and in general in life (unless you don’t need anything from others), whatever the sales trainers would tell you, looking at you with honest eyes. The first way is to immediately offer your conditions in exchange for a product or service that a person needs. The method is simple, but not always effective, because we will not sell bread, which we will almost always buy. Therefore, the second way is to make people understand that they need this product or service. And for this you need, firstly, to earn the trust of a person, and secondly, to offer him the really necessary thing, so that he would not get the impression that you just “put something” to him.

How to learn to sell well

And here your communication skills or, more simply, the ability to communicate come to the fore. And most importantly, what you need to get rid of is the fear of communication. If you can't force yourself to start a conversation with a potential client, you need to overcome yourself. Believe it, but many successful sellers hate to communicate with people, but you will never say that with them. The most difficult thing to do is the first few steps.At the same time, do not be afraid to look ridiculous, nothing terrible, if you stumble, mumble, speak at all what they wanted to say - these are all the little things and the right speech will come with regular practice. The most important thing is to overcome this barrier. As one sales trainer wisely remarked, absolutely anyone can sell, regardless of aptitudes and character traits. The main thing is the desire and overcoming of fear. And successful sales are obtained from serious people, and even sad bores. And this is a fact - you do not need to smile at everyone, be yourself. The big mistake of the leading various trainings is that they are trying to inculcate behavior patterns that are not typical for those newcomers. And happiness is to meet such a teacher who will tell you: be yourself, you do not want to smile - do not smile, you want to start and build a conversation in the way you are comfortable - please. The only prerequisite is to offer sooner or later what you are selling, and the way initially does not matter.

Some useful tips

  • Here is the first advice on how to learn how to sell a product or service — sell in accordance with yourtemperament. Do not adapt to someone's requirements, but do as you see fit, but do not ignore useful tips. The ideal option is an understanding boss or none at all. A friend of mine who works in a large company, while communicating with clients, smiles extremely rarely and talks to them in a very boring tone. But at the same time she is the most successful sales manager in the company. The secret is simple - it communicates as you used to. Artificiality is always visible, so be yourself.
  • Practice daily, no matter how much effort it takes. This is a pattern - with the number of calls or personal conversations your confidence in yourself is steadily increasing. Fear and uncertainty will completely disappear only when you begin to reinforce the skills you receive with regular practice.
  • Do not be discouraged if you cannot sell from the very beginning: someone makes the first sale in a week, someone in a month, someone in six months. In many ways, this is luck - got at the right time in the right place. But if time is ticking, but sales are not, analyze your conversations after they end and try to find systematically repeated mistakes in order not to repeat them later.
  • And finally, once again about daily practice.She will help you develop your own conversation drawing, determine what you need to say and what not, how to build a conversation so that a potential client does not send you right to hell. It is important to identify what you are doing and say not so, and what, on the contrary, brings success. In fact, this is the whole secret of successful sales.

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