How to knit a sleeve?

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How to knit a sleeve?

Despite the abundance of blouses, blouses and sweaters in stores, needlewomen still have a desire to do something with their own hands that no one else has. After the choice of a style, a pattern, a way of knitting comes it is time to do a pattern. Of particular difficulty is, as a rule, the pattern and knitting of the set-in sleeves, which we now will tell.

How to make a pattern to tie a sleeve

Regardless of whether you will knit the sleeves with a crochet or knitting needles, there is one pattern for the vtachnoy sleeve. It is assumed that the pattern of the front and back, described in the article How to knit a sweater with knitting needles, is already there.

To compile the pattern you will need the following measurements:

  • sleeve length from shoulder to bottom (DL = 52 cm);
  • the depth of the armhole (should be known from the design of the front and back patterns) (HH = 21 cm);
  • half chest (PG = 42);
  • sleeve width at the bottom (FD = 15 cm);
  • cuff length (if any) (DM = 5 cm).

The drawing is built for one half of the sleeve, because it is symmetrical. For clarity, we substituted the numbers for the 42nd size, but for each pattern they are different.

  1. Draw a rectangle width PG / 3 + 1 = 42/3 +1 = 14 cm + 1 cm on the freedom of fit, the length equal to the DR.
  2. From the top of the rectangle down we measure the depth of the armhole, draw a horizontal line - the line of the armhole.
  3. From the upper left corner we lay 2.5 cm to the right, put the point A (for large sizes, full hands can be put off 3 or 3.5 cm).
  4. On the armhole line from the right edge (point B), lay 1.5 cm, set point B1 (for full hands 2 cm).
  5. From the lower left corner to the right, we set aside half of the width of the RR sleeve / 2 = 15/2 = 7.5 cm, set the point B.
  6. From the bottom left corner up we measure the length of the cuff, draw a horizontal line - the line of the cuff.
  7. From point B upward we draw a vertical line to the line of the cuff, put the point B1.

We describe the sleeve: connect the points A - B1 - B - B1 - B. These will be the edges of the sleeve, the vertical left line is the middle of the sleeve.

How to knit sleeves with needles

Usually knit knit products from the bottom up. First you need to bind a sample of sufficient width and height selected with a pattern chosen for the sleeves. It is desirable to get a piece of knitting with a width and height of at least 5 cm. From this piece we calculate the number of loops that need to be dialed in order to get the width of the SR sleeve.

Calculations to knit a sleeve

Suppose we have 5 cm from 15 loops and from 20 rows. So, in one centimeter 3 loops and 4 rows. At the bottom of the sleeve we have 7.5 cm x 3 loops = 22.5 loops, rounded to 23. On the depth line of the armhole, the width is 15 cm x 3 loops = 45 cm. So, from the cuff line to the armhole, we need to increase the number of loops by 45 - 23 = 22 loops. Do not forget that we carried out all these calculations for the half-sleeves.

This distance is equal to ДР - ГП - ДМ = 52 - 21 - 5 = 26 cm. 26 cm х 4 rows = 96 rows. So, in 96 rows, we need to add 22 loops. 96/22 = 4 rows with remainder. It follows that it is necessary to decrease one loop for every 4-5 rows.

To knit the armhole with needles, you need to carry out similar calculations, only vice versa: count the number of loops you need to reduce, so that the number of loops is reduced from 86 to 10 by 21 cm (81 rows). It is necessary to decrease the loop in almost every row.

Knit the sleeves with knitting needles.

We collect 23 x 2 = 46 loops on the needles, we begin to knit the cuffs (we remember that we carried out all the calculations for the half sleeve). It is knitted with a rubber band 1 x 1 or 2 x 2. When the cuff reaches 5 cm, we change the binding to the selected pattern.

Each 4 or 5 row on both sides we add one loop. It is better to do this, retreating from the edge by 2-3 loops. We pull out an additional loop from the previous row in order to avoid a hole that forms a nakid.Since we are not knitting with a machine, in the process of knitting we will need to apply work to the pattern from time to time, to control that they coincide with each other. We control the compliance of the work pattern.

Having tied up to the armhole line, we close on both sides 1.5 cm each - 5 loops each. We begin to knit the armhole with needles in the same way, controlling the correctness of knitting.

How to crochet a sleeve

On crochet there is an article How to tie a crochet sweater. Knit crochet sleeves need exactly the same rules as the knitting needles. The most convenient way to knit on the pattern. First, connect the probe, count how many loops and rows you need, how many loops you need to add and subtract.

The difference lies in the fact that crochet often knit, starting from the top, or knit seamlessly, in a circle. But even then we must remember about the decrease and the addition of loops. In this case, when it is necessary to knit an armhole with a crochet hook, the circle will no longer work, since on the armhole the circle opens.

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